Lighting is definitely an important aspect when looking for a new house or when thinking about renovating the home, and there are many reasons why this is. 

Light improves mood, creates varying ambiances depending on the light tone, and opens up rooms to create a more welcoming space.

Bright, airy spaces often attract buyers, which is something to consider if the home is going to be put on the market.

That being said, where can someone begin when inviting more light into the home?

This piece will discuss the top tips to help homes look and feel lighter and brighter.

Why Upgrade Lighting in the Home?

 Lighting is essential when it comes to both homes and workspaces. It can be the difference between a bad or uncomfortable mood, how productive someone is, and can even influence energy levels.

 Lighting can also contribute to a certain aesthetic, so depending on what the upgrade looks like, lighting can be adjusted accordingly to create the perfect look.  

Another thing to consider when you are upgrading the lighting is the energy-saving options that are now available.

 Research into solar panel lighting or even energy-saving lightbulbs that can fit most light fixtures.

Change Windows for Great Lighting

For those who are serious about upgrading the lighting situation in the home, why not head straight to the source of daylight.

Not a swift option, but one that offers outstanding lighting results, changing the style of window in the home can change not only the whole appearance of a room but also how much light can be let in. For those who like a remarkable amount of natural daylight, styles such as bay windows and heritage windows can be excellent options. 

These styles of windows offer ample amounts of natural daylight while offering a chic style. 

Use Mirrors to Brighten up the Room

Sometimes renovations are not possible, and changing window styles or altering properties structure is not an option. With this in mind, mirrors offer an excellent, lost cost substitute, acting as natural sources of light by reflecting light from windows. 

 Simply hang a large mirror opposite the windows in the property to enable the natural light to be dispersed around the room. 

This gives an effective brightening appearance to any room, without having to knock down any walls!

Paint the Walls White for a Brightening Effect

Painting the walls white is a fast and easy way to brighten up a whole space. It is cost-effective, relatively easy, and can change the entire look of a room. 

 For those who would prefer a pop of color, opt for light colors such as pastels, and colors with a sunny disposition such as yellow or light terracotta! 

 Accessorise with Metallic for a Brighter Space

 Metallic objects are great for reflecting the light that is around them, so for a quick brightening tip, why not add some metallic or glass accessories around the room to help disperse the natural light. Chic and practical! 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels