Foods That Make You Feel Better: Eat Your Feelings The Right Way

Foods That Make You Feel Better: Eat Your Feelings The Right Way

Do you want to feel better and improve your mental health? Try adding healthy foods into your diet.

By now you probably know all of the many health benefits you will experience from eating healthy food. Good nutrition can help you prevent serious health conditions, fight disease, and even add years to your life.

However, research has shown eating healthy food can also balance your moods and improve your mental health. By adding certain foods that make you feel better to your diet, you can start to feel, and function better, immediately.

If you are ready to beat the blues and start feeling happier and healthier, here are several foods you should eat.

Black Beans

Black beans are rich in magnesium, a mineral that boosts the production of serotonin, which is your body’s happiness hormone. As a bonus, black beans are packed with potassium, fiber, iron, and other healthy vitamins and minerals. Add black beans to your diet by purchasing them at your local grocery store or from wholesome meal delivery.


Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that directly impacts your central nervous system and the part of your brain that reduces stress and regulates your mood. Low levels of choline have been shown to cause anxiety and anxiety symptoms, which results in feeling bad overall. The choline in eggs, along with other nutrients like omega 3s, vitamin D, and amino acids, are ideal for promoting good mental health.

Wild-Caught Salmon

Wild-caught salmon is one of the foods that fight depression and help you feel better overall. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory benefits that can reduce feelings of depression. As a bonus, omega-3 fatty acids also help maintain normal brain functioning and development.


Eating spinach is like taking a happiness pill. Spinach contains folate, a nutrient that helps stabilize your mood, improve cognitive functioning, fight depression, and even fight age-related dementia. This dark and leafy green is also the source of many essential vitamins and nutrients.


Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is packed with healthy probiotics. When you drink kefir, you are adding good bacteria to your gut and boosting your immune system. Probiotics are ideal for balancing your mood, supporting your cognitive functioning, and giving you energy.


Beets are a natural happiness booster because they contain healthy doses of betaine and folic acid. Betaine helps your body produce serotine and folic acid boosts your mental and emotional health. While beets may be last on the list of your favorite foods, this hearty vegetable offers many impressive health benefits.

These Are the Foods That Make You Feel Better

There are many foods that make you feel better while also improving your physical health.

Nutritionally dense foods like black beans, eggs, beets, wild-caught salmon, kefir, and spinach are all proven to boost your mood and help you feel better. By adding these foods to your diet, you can take control of your moods and start to live a happier and healthier life.

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