Travel Around The World Without Flying

Travel Around The World Without Flying

If you love to travel but don’t want to spend all your time in the airport, then have a look at some alternative ways you can go around the world because flying is not the only way to get around!

The most common and one of the most costly parts of the entire travel package is usually the mode of transport which is an integral part of traveling, but choosing the right method, such as Limo Find, can help you to save a substantial amount of money which can be spent better on the trip.

Travel Across Water

Traveling by a Cruise Ship is a great but luxury option, and makes the journey very comfortable and convenient. There is no need to run to places to look for food or accommodation and these ships have all the possible amenities from swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, cafes, library, bar, disco club, gaming area both indoor and outdoor, hospital to the fundamental food service, laundry, cleaning, ironing services.

Now a cruise can be expensive so it might not be for everyone, but for traveling to certain countries like Norway, Russia, Cuba, and Antarctica, they are best reached by ship. You can go by cargo ship for a lot cheaper however it will also be far more boring with no luxury entertainment.

For shorter journeys, once you are in the vicinity of where you want to be, you can try canal boats or sailing boats and even a boat share so you don’t have to buy a boat but can enjoy one for a particular part of the trip.

For shorter journeys, once you are in the vicinity of where you want to be, you can try canal boats for sale or sailing boats and even a boat share if you don’t want to buy a boat but still can enjoy one for a particular part of the trip.

Travel On The Tracks

One of the most favorite modes of transport to get to different countries, even from the early days is the train. The train gives passengers the chance to get mesmerized by the breathtaking views and travel through the beauty of vast expands of fields, bridges, and mountains; it’s an experience of a lifetime. Many countries in the world have a vast network railway system. Trains carry hundreds of tourists with them, and there are many regional and international trains run for the comfort of travelers meaning you can just about go anywhere traveling in and out of these countries. India is often considered as the best example of a country to travel by train as it has the fourth most extensive railway network in the world and you can even get trains to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Then, of course, there’s Europe and North America which both have well-connected, advanced and modern train tracks across the continent. For example, Interrail and Eurorail are some of the most efficient ways for people to travel around Europe with excellent connections between cities and small towns across the continent. These companies also make it easy for travelers as they have a good rail map as on their websites you can organize your itinerary.

Travel On The Roads

There are loads of reasons to travel by bus or hiring a camper van. With both, there is no need to arrive in advance for early check-in; they are cheap and do not require any planning or bookings. With a bus, they stop at so many places and give travelers the chance to stretch and breathe in some fresh air and if you’re driving then, of course, you can stop whenever you want to. Bus services extend all over the world both regionally and internationally, and buses. However, not all countries have an international bus service, but there are many agencies which offer this. You can also go on an intercity bus tour in Europe and travel across various cities of Europe with sufficient stopping to allow time to explore the town before heading to the next town. The entire trip is preplanned and fixed and is considered a cheaper and economical way to travel through the whole of Europe without needing to change transportation modes or deal with clearance and baggage carrying issues. They are safe and give an opportunity for travelers to meet people from different backgrounds and learn more from them. In your car or hiring or buying camper van you are in control, and you can travel through any local towns and villages you like, making a fantastic collection of memories and there is no need to squash against fellow travelers in trains and buses.

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  1. I have never tried a cruise. While it sounds very fun, I just haven’t had the chance to do it yet. Living in Europe, I typically take the train or a bus.

  2. These are all great ways to travel and explore. Perfect to try with friends and family. Getting to try it by water is my jam.

  3. I have always thought it would be amazing to drive as far as I could. There is so much to learn on a road trip!

  4. Summer Mitch ryan

    I love the idea. I could just imagine how nice it is if only lands are connected or at least near enough to connect with bridges.

  5. I love to travel, but the only thing I don’t like is flying. Although I will do it to get from point A to point B, I don’t think it’s a mode of transportation I’ll ever enjoy! I have never been on a cruise ship though, and this has GOT to change. Hopefully I can take my first cruise this summer or by fall.

  6. True that I always tend to take the plane to travel, especially long distances, and I might miss beautiful things on the way. Road trips are great though and I should do more of these!

  7. I get horrible motion sickness when I am not in the driver’s seat of anything so bus would be a no go but I will be interested to see how I would handle riding a train

  8. Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

    I think it would be some much fun to road trip around the world! I’ve always wanted to road trip around the US or Europe. Maybe I’ll be able to do that one day.

  9. I have yet to try the boat one. Too scared to try it though hahahaha

  10. I do like flying for how fast I can get there. I need to start taking the train as it does sound nice.

  11. My parents do a lot of travel around Europe via train and it is amazing how you can get from one country to another on the tracks. I’m sure it’s a more peaceful way to travel as well.

  12. Personally, I’ve always traveled this way, I’ve never taken a plane and I don’t know if I’ll ever do it!

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