ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

I have a new company to share with you today.  They’re not new but they’re new to me and possibly to you as well. While surfing around for some glamping backpacks and easy-to-carry clutches, I found what I needed at ANDAR.  If I’m not mistaken, I saw them first on YouTube while looking for backpack reviews. I was instantly impressed by their classy leather products.

When I was in college, I learned quickly that if you don’t have a quality backpack, it’s going to fall apart carrying the weight of all of the books you’ll need.  I went to a big college and my classes were so scattered, I didn’t have time to go to my car to swap out books.  So, I had to carry all of my morning books, then again my afternoon books.  It was after the first mishap with my bookbag that I decided I needed to invest in a quality leather backpack that would last.

School is starting back and one of the best places I’ve found to buy backpacks and clutches to keep your hands free is at ANDAR. ANDAR’s must-have staples for every season are not just for school. This company keeps it simple while focusing on elegance.

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season


The Addison Backpack

ANDAR’s Alison backpack allows the kids and adults to carry what they need with a minimalist design.  They make the perfect back-to-school bag for middle school, high school, or college-age students.  If you’re a YouTube or Instagram influencer and travel a lot, you can use this bag to store your laptop as well as what you’ll need for a day out. They make a fabulous purse as well.

The Addison is perfect for work or play, or even as a diaper bag.  With two sizes available, and different color options, there’s nothing lacking in these high-quality full-grain oil waxed leather bags.  One of my favorite features is the hidden pocket that stays against my body whether I’m carrying it on my shoulder or using it as a backpack on my back.  This backpack is so chic and made especially for women.

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

I wanted a backpack that had plenty of pockets and does not dig into my shoulder.  The back feels padded and the straps are comfortable. The Addison will allow for me to throw any of my cameras in, my kindle, phone, and my clutch.  These are all items I never leave home without.

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

The Stevie

I use a clutch more than I use a handbag when I’m traveling.  I like to keep my hands free for my camera and my tripod.  I don’t want something that slips off my shoulder while I’m out and about traipsing the world.  That’s why I prefer backpacks and clutch’s to anything else to carry my essentials for day trips.

What I liked most about the Stevie that helped me decide I couldn’t live without it, is that it’s full-grain oil waxed leather.  I’m not going to have to worry about it breaking or falling apart.  I’m certain this clutch will last me for the remainder of my camping and glamping adventures, in this lifetime.

The Stevie has several large pockets to keep my extra memory cards in, some cash, my keys, etc.  The strong magnetic closure was also something I took into consideration.  And also important to me is that the clutch fits into the front pocket of the Addison.

When I go to campsites I choose ones that have a store.  That allows me to purchase things I need by the day such as bottled water, so I have less packing to do.  My clutch is going to be the perfect back and forth from my campsite to the store, and it’s the perfect size at 8″ L x 5″ W x 1″ H.  Not too large and not too small.

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

ANDAR’s Must-Have Staples For Every Season

You will see both of these products in use this fall as I set off to do some solo female travel. Follow me on my existing and new travel YouTube channel and Instagram for upcoming travel posts and videos (right sidebar). Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter as I continue to share products I purchase for my upcoming adventures.


  1. Nnniiiccceeeeee…a backpack is a must-carry, for me! I love the colour, too!

  2. I love The Addison Backpack. I love the color. I hope I can have one for my mom. She’ll love it for sure!

  3. I love good quality leather products and these items from ANDAR are gorgeous. I will definitely be checking them out!

  4. Those items look so classy. They are perfect as gift items. I’m sure will love these pieces, too.

  5. The backpack looks so chic and classy. I love the colors too. The dark brown especially.

  6. These are lovely. What I really need is a new wallet. Mine does not serve me any longer.

  7. These are all so cute! Going to have to do some shopping 💓

  8. I can’t wait to do some solo traveling with the backpack. It’s perfect. Thanks for sharing this

  9. The Addison backpack looks great with the chic style on it. I love that it’s good for either work or play.

  10. I love their minimalistic design. It’s perfect for all seasons.

  11. nice backpack!! I love how classy it looks like!!

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