Unsure About A Furnished Apartment? Here are a few Tips!

Unsure About A Furnished Apartment? Here are a few Tips!

Is it time for you to move out of your home and into your dream apartment? While it can be extremely exciting, it can also be a bit overwhelming. For instance, moving into an apartment can give you some anxiety due to needing to purchase furniture for your one or two bedrooms, kitchen appliances, sofa or chairs for your living room, and more! Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to move into a furnished apartment that’s already ready to go and offers you the basic appliances and amenities that you need? It’s true! There are some apartment complexes that offer you three different options, a fully furnished apartment, a furnished apartment or a semi-furnished apartment.

 When searching for your furnished apartments, keep in mind that these terms are loosely defined and there is no set rule to what you should or shouldn’t include in a furnished apartment. Some furnished apartments can also include some extras like floor or table lamps, a microwave, toast and basic cookware. Fully furnished apartments, also known as a turnkey, go a bit beyond the basics to include items such as pots and pans, silverware, and even towels for you to enjoy! You’re likely to find some artwork on the walls too as well as a washer and dryer. The term ‘turnkey’ refers to the fact that you can actually turn the key to this specific apartment, walk-in, and have everything you could want to live comfortably without having to spend your money on furniture and smaller items. 

Why should you rent a furnished apartment? That’s a great question! For some, having a furnished apartment might be a great option because you’ll only be in the apartment for a short time and you don’t want to pack up your items or move heavy furniture just to turn around and pack up and move again a few short weeks later. A furnished apartment might be ideal for college students, those who are moving temporarily on a business expense or for medical reasons. It also might be a great option for those looking for a fresh start and don’t have much furniture, to begin with. 

While there is no set list of things you’ll get when it comes to having a furnished apartment,you can expect the basics. If this apartment is advertised as ‘fully furnished’ or ‘turnkey’ you can walk in and expect a little more than just the basic items such as a coffee maker, bedding, towels and more. Yes, both are furnished but some of the smaller supplies such as a dustpan and broom, an ironing board, or even a little laundry basket can be the ideal option for those that just don’t want to fuss with the little things. 

Unsure About A Furnished Apartment? Here are a few Tips!


Image: Furnished Apartments Atlanta

Another question might be where can you find such apartments in your area? If you live in the Atlanta area, one such business that is there to help is called Furnished Apartments Atlanta. They offer easy solutions that will help you rent for corporate housing, short term furnished apartments, or long term all at affordable rates. This Bricks Perimeter Center is an easy solution to helping you keep all your expenses on one monthly bill as well. As stated above, they also have short term rentals in Atlanta. These comfortable and luxurious living spaces are sure to help check off items you need such as a washer and dryer in your unit, all the utilities included such as cable, wifi, and more, as well as each one, is fully furnished. They also offer access to their clubhouse, pool, and fitness center. The friendly staff is there to assist with any questions, concerns, or ideas you have to make your stay as comfortable to your lifestyle and your families as possible. 

Of course, an unfurnished apartment might be best for you if you want to start off with a blank slate. If you’re very picky about what type of furniture you want or if you just have a very specific taste on how you want your apartment to look like. These are options for you to go with an unfurnished apartment and that’s ok too. Think of how long you are planning to stay. If you think the space for no more than a year is ideal, you might want to consider a furnished apartment. But if you are moving across the country or to another country in general, it might be easier to just rent a furnished apartment rather than try to move a lot of your furniture long distance. Of course, when renting, keep a few things in mind such as a security deposit that might be higher than an unfurnished apartment and then the inventory list of the furniture you’ll have. When you move out, you’ll fill out your inventory list to make sure nothing is damaged or missing, just as you would when you first do a walkthrough. Whatever your decision is, I’m sure it’ll be the perfect fit for you and your family! 

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