Visiting Smoke on The Water Or Other Cigar Bars: How To Behave

Visiting Smoke on The Water Or Other Cigar Bars: How To Behave

Cigar lounges have always been interesting to most people, haven’t they? Even those individuals who don’t really smoke would probably love to step foot in one of these bars and see what they are all about. There is something mysterious and attractive about these places that makes everyone eager to visit. And, it appears that you’ve decided to take things a step further, stop dreaming about it and actually do it.

Well, if you’ve decided to visit the Smoke on the Water cigar bar, or any other cigar bar for that matter, there are a few things that you will absolutely need to know. If you’re not sure how to behave in those places, you could easily make a fool of yourself, so to speak. You could start getting on people’s nerves with certain topics and you might even create some enemies while you are there. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but the point is that you need to know the etiquette.

You have most likely heard about this a few times before, and there’s a chance that you’ve thought something along the lines of: “I know how to behave in a cigar bar”. Well, if you’ve never been in one of these places before, I’d advise you to gain some knowledge beforehand instead of feeling so confident even if you don’t really know the actual etiquette. Even if you’ve visited these lounges before, brushing up on the etiquette could be a good idea, since it will help you have the best experience once you enter one of these places.

So, instead of feeling extremely confident while lacking knowledge, you should do your best to gain the knowledge. If you want to get the most out of your experience in a cigar bar, learning how to properly behave there is of utmost importance. And, if you are ready to learn, then you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve prepared you a list of some ground rules that you should absolutely keep in mind and observe while there.

1.  Don’t Talk About Politics

Oh boy, I don’t think I can emphasize this enough! Don’t ever bring up politics, especially if you’re smoking with a group of strangers instead of friends who already share your political views. Doing this is not only rude and inconsiderate, but it actually goes against the entire point of a cigar bar. You’re there to meet different people and enjoy each other’s company by sharing an interest in cigars. So, don’t ruin that by adding politics to the mix.

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Visiting Smoke on The Water Or Other Cigar Bars: How To Behave

2.  Leave Religion Out Of It

This next rule should go without saying, especially if you’ve read the above one already, but I’ll make it clear just in case. If you understand that politics can ruin the conversation, then imagine what religion can do, especially if you come across people who don’t share your views on it. So, refrain from bringing religion up, because a cigar bar is certainly not a place for such conversations.

At some point during conversation, though, you may start feeling that the person you are talking to definitely shares your religious views. That might encourage you to share some of those religious views because, well, there’s no harm in it if you two have the same opinions. When such temptation strikes, do yourself a favor and resist it! You never know what the other person thinks, so don’t make any bold assumptions.

3.  Be Careful Where You’re Blowing The Smoke

Probably one of the worst things you can do when in a cigar bar is blow smoke into people’s faces. Sure, there is bound to be a lot of smoke in a place like this and people probably love it given that they are visiting, but here’s the thing. Nobody likes smoke being blown directly into their faces, and I am sure you don’t like that either. So, don’t do this.

4.  Don’t Ever Ask To Try Someone Else’s Choice

The people visiting Smoke On The Water and other cigar lounges will all have their tobacco preferences. That includes you. If you’re new to the experience, you might be willing to try out a few different options and experiment a little bit. That is perfectly fine. What is not fine, though, is for you to ask to try someone else’s cigar, as that definitely won’t be appreciated.

5.  And Don’t Judge Their Choices Either

Another thing you should never do is judge other people’s choices just because they are different than yours. Don’t talk about how your cigar is better and how someone is making a mistake by not trying it. That is definitely a rude thing to do and, if you ask me, this should be a rule to follow in all aspects of your life, and not just when visiting one of these lounges. If you’re not sure how to choose your cigar, feel free to ask for recommendations or go here to get some help.

6.  Feel Free To Join A Group Of Strangers (But Ask For Permission First)

Cigar lounges are all about connecting people, which basically means that you should feel free to join a complete group of strangers and have conversation while enjoying your product. Of course, the trick is in asking if you can join them first. Simply taking a seat next to someone without asking if they’re okay with it is not a good idea.

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