What Are the Best Bathtub Accessories for Kids

What Are the Best Bathtub Accessories for Kids

Bathing your little one is either going to be an awesome time of bonding or something you dread, depending on how they feel about water that day. But the good news is that there are tons of great bathtub accessories out there to make things fun and safe for everyone involved! 

From toys that add a bit of excitement to safety features that give parents peace of mind, we’ve got you covered when it comes to making bath time totally enjoyable. So let’s dive in and explore some options together!

Fun Bathtub Toys

What Are the Best Bathtub Accessories for Kids

If you want to turn bath time into playtime, then bathtub toys are definitely the way to go! You’ve got tons of options, from old-school rubber duckies to cool puzzles with an underwater twist. And have you seen some of the newer toys out there? They’re pretty wild – like floating books or color-changing gadgets that get all trippy when they touch warm water. 

Just remember to always make sure that whatever toy you choose is totally safe for your little ones. That means looking for non-toxic materials that won’t get moldy and staying within appropriate age ranges!

Safety Accessories

When it comes to bath time, safety should always be top of mind, especially for little ones. To help prevent any slips and falls, a non-slip mat is crucial for the bottom of the tub. You can also add some extra protection by adding faucet covers (to avoid bumps) and spout covers (to guard against hot water). 

And if you’ve got tinier tots splashing around, a baby bath seat is worth considering. This handy gadget will keep them secure and comfy while they get clean!

Educational Bathtub Accessories

What Are the Best Bathtub Accessories for Kids

Who says learning has to be serious all the time? Bath time might just be the perfect opportunity to sneak in some education without your kids even realizing it. 

With fun accessories like bath crayons, foam letters, and numbers, you can help little ones get a jump start on their ABCs and 123s while they play around in the tub. Not only will these toys keep them happy and engaged, but they’ll also encourage early learning skills that set them up for success down the road!

Essential Bathroom Accessories

Finally, before you get started on bath time with your little one, make sure to grab those important bathroom accessories! A bathtub drain stopper might not seem like much. But it’s important to keep the water level right and ensure that kiddos stay safe while splashing around. 

And speaking of safety, a handy thermometer will help you double-check the temperature and make sure that everything is warm and cozy!


All in all, with the right mix of creative, safe, and educational bath accessories, you can transform your little one’s bath time into a fun and rewarding experience. So next time your kiddo needs a scrub-down, don’t forget to throw in some of these cool additions for an easy-going bathing adventure.

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