What is key selection criteria?

What is key selection criteria?

Key selection criteria (also known as job selection criteria) represents a set of prerequisites you must have so that a recruiter can seriously consider you for a job.

Most companies will use a term “job selection criteria”. It is often used by Australian Public Service and other governmental agencies. Anyway, it refers to same thing.

When you read a job posting, you might notice a list of prerequisite a candidate needs. Common examples are:

  • Certain numbers of years working within an industry
  • Certain type of education or courses attended
  • Ability to work with certain software
  • Proven track record etc.

Some of these things are really hard to prove (for example, track record). Also, companies would like to know more about the candidate and how he or she reacts during a crisis. This is why statement of claims is an important part of the recruitment process.

What is statement of claim?

When applying for most jobs, candidate will send a resume and a cover letter. For certain public and high profile jobs, statement of claim will also be required.

This is an official document through which you will answer key selection criteria. It is used to depict real-life job situations and how candidate confronted adversity. Keep in mind that certain job criteria can be answered through resume but occasionally, employer might ask for something extra.

Statement of claim is really important for high-profile jobs. There are a lot of people applying for these jobs. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t have the necessary requirements. In some cases, they might have the experience and proficiency but they haven’t encountered critical situations that make person an expert.

It is very important for recruiters to understand things from candidate’s perspective and get a glimpse into psyche, abilities and knowledge. This is why statement of claim has such a prominent place during recruitment process. In order to correctly write a statement, candidate has to rely on STAR model.

What is STAR model?

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. It is used as a best way of explaining a particular business situation and showing how a candidate reacted to it.

The model is very important as it shows the whole business process and how a person dealt with an extreme situation and adversity. First, a candidate will have to explain a situation and why it was such a problem. Task is used to explain what the company expected from him or her. Action refers to all the actions that were taken during the process and lastly, result is what we get in the end.

With this model, it is really easy to go through certain key selection criteria. It provides a colorful depiction of a situation and how you can cope with daily stress of a job. STAR model is very efficient and we would recommend that you always use it for statement of claim.

Like with everything else, it is necessary to take it seriously. While you are able to tell company executives whatever you want, it isn’t the same with the public agencies. Providing falsa or twisted information can be really troublesome and may cause you to lose any future opportunities within Australian Public Service.

Last thoughts

There are a lot of people who are struggling with these concepts. Answering key selection criteria is especially troublesome for some and it may come to bite them in the end.

If you’re serious about getting a well-paid, stabile job, it is best to hire a resume agency that will help you with this particular document.

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