What to Do With Old Textbooks: 5 Simple Options

What to Do With Old Textbooks: 5 Simple Options

When you’ve finished with your old textbooks it can be tempting to throw them away. You might even want to set a pile of them on fire if you particularly hated your course!

But even if those textbooks aren’t of use to you anymore, there are plenty of people who are thirsty for the knowledge they contain. In some cases, you can even make money selling old textbooks to keen new students.

Want to learn how to make money in college or at least find some use for those stacks of books? Keep reading to find out what to do with old textbooks.

1. Sell Your Textbooks

If you’re wondering how to save money in college, buying used textbooks is always a good option. You can then make that money back by selling old textbooks once you’ve finished with them.

Not sure where to sell textbooks? Getting cash for your books is a lot easier now thanks to the possibility of selling them online. Even if your textbook is the old edition, students at other colleges may still be using it.

You may also be able to sell your books to your college bookstore if they’re rare or in demand.

2. Donate Your Textbooks

Regardless of the condition of your old textbooks, there will always be someone else who needs a book you no longer have any use for.

What’s more, textbooks can be a big expense for students. If you’re not sure how to sell textbooks, donating them could make a bigger difference to someone than the cash would make to you.

You could donate them to your college library, local library, or to students starting your previous course.

3. Ship Your Textbooks

Beyond the local possibilities for donating your old textbooks, you could also consider shipping your books to people in need in other states and countries.

A great option is to ship your old textbooks to prisoners. Your old textbooks could help them get an education while they’re incarcerated and give them a chance of a better life on release.

4. Swap Your Textbooks

Cafes, hostels, and other public establishments often have book swap boxes. Leaving your old textbooks in one of these is a good way to give them a new lease of life. You might even be able to pick up an interesting novel or biography in exchange.

Alternatively, you could start a book swap box somewhere on your college campus. This may then encourage your fellow students to share their unwanted books too.

5. Make a Book Safe

If all else fails, this ingenious idea is the perfect way to make use of your old textbooks.

All you need to do is cut a compartment in one of your books and turn the space into a small treasure box. This will then be ideal for hiding spare cash or valuables from prying roommates or nosy siblings.

What to Do With Old Textbooks

If you’re unsure of what to do with old textbooks, selling them will always be the most profitable option.

Although, as these alternative ideas show, there are other ways to make good use of your old books when you’re done with them. And if that involves helping others at the same time, even better!

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