A Few Of Interesting Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

A Few Of Interesting Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

One of the many good storybooks that are good for kids is the Tenali Raman storybooks. These are not only fun and interesting, but each story carries a distinct message that the kids can out to use in the latter part of their lives. 

A Few Of Interesting Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

Tenali Ramakrishna was an advisor to King Krishna Deva Raya and a poet well-known for his other attributes such as:

  • His amazing wit
  • Exceptional sense of humor and 
  • Astonishing intelligence. 

All Tenali Raman stories talk about his relationship with the king. It also tells about his wisdom as well as his exquisite problem-solving abilities. When you acquaint your child with amazing tales of Tenali Ramakrishna, they will be able to deal with the challenges that life will pose in due course of time.

Few stories to choose from

The elephant story of Tenali Raman is a brilliant example of wit and intelligence, but there are several other stories that carry a strong message as well. Here are a few good stories that reflect his wisdom, acumen, and brilliance. Here they are:

  • The Thieves and The Well: This is the story where two thieves were outsmarted by Tenali Raman. The moral of the story is to avoid accepting false claims.
  • The Greedy Brahmins: This story teaches that one should not be greedy but should be happy with what they have with them at present. 
  • Tenali Raman and The Cursed Man: This is another story that tells the readers not to believe in any kind of superstitions.
  • A Handful of Grain or A Thousand Gold Coins: The moral of this story is to stay humble about the achievements and intelligence that one may have, even if it is better than the others.
  • The Reward and The Punishment: Another good story of Tenali Raman that tells people not to be greedy.
  • Salutation To The Donkeys: This is a fun and humorous story that tells one not to judge people simply on the basis of their caste or religion.
  • Tenali Rama’s Desire To Turn A Dog Into A Cow: This is a very important story that tells that no matter how hard one tries, it can only change the outer appearance but the character of a person always remains the same.
  • The Biggest Fool: The moral of this story is not to believe in any stranger blindly.
  • The King’s Dream: This story tells us that it is better to invest our time and effort in some better jobs than to waste it on a wild goose chase.
  • Tenali and the Great Pundit: Lastly, this story tells you why you should not be exceedingly arrogant about your wisdom and knowledge.

These are just a few of those Tenali Raman stories that educate people, especially the kids, with practical lessons of life. These lessons will make them into a more disciplined, organized, complete and a better person.  

All the wonderful stories of Tenali Ramakrishnan are more than just simple stories. It improves the wisdom, with and intelligence, in a fun and interesting way.

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