Cleanliness is something that everyone thinks about daily. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone more aware of how diseases can be transmitted and the importance of wearing masks and using hand sanitizer regularly.

But, cleanliness is something that should be taken seriously all the time! While sanitizer, face masks, and even gloves will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, there are other opportunities for it to spread.

Consider this, you visit the supermarket to do a weekly shop. You wear a mask to protect others, you disinfect the handle of your shopping cart, and you do your shopping. Unfortunately, all the products you touch could have been touched by someone else. Anyone of these people could have the virus. 

Although you carefully sanitizer your hands after shopping you still need to touch the sanitizer first.  After unlocking the car you unload your shopping and re-sanitize. If you’ve been very careful only shopping has a potential virus. But, a simple slip means it’s on your wallet, car keys, and then back on your hands.

In other words, you can’t obsess about the virus, you simply take sensible precautions such as using hand sanitizer and disinfecting your home regularly.

Why Is It So Important To Disinfect Your Home?

The Germ Factor

Germs live everywhere. It’s estimated that a health worker can carry as many as 5 million bacteria on their hand at any given time! We live with them and to an extent, that’s good for our immune systems.

But, regularly disinfecting your home will reduce the number of bacteria and lower the likelihood of you contracting an illness.

We’re not just talking about COVID-19. A fly can carry hundreds of different diseases and it will leave traces of these as soon as it touches down on your countertop or food. Disinfecting countertops, particularly before and after you prepare food, is essential to maintaining health.

The surfaces that you touch most often are the ones that you need to focus on disinfecting regularly. That’s countertops, electronic devices, your keys, and even the door handles. Using disinfectant wipes is quick, easy, and effective. 


You don’t need to be exposed to bacteria to experience health issues. Many people have allergic reactions to mold spores, dog or cat hair, or even dust. Disinfecting will help to eliminate these issues in your home. Done in conjunction with a microfiber cloth that attracts dust you’ll find that you can dramatically reduce the level of allergens in your home. That will make your life easier.

That’s the real beauty of disinfecting your home regularly, you’ll have a reduced risk of contracting an infection and you’ll enjoy a higher quality of life. Considering the number of things that can go wrong in life, taking this simple step makes sense. 

After all, it doesn’t take long to disinfect your home and the benefits make the time spent doing so more than worthwhile. The fact that you’ll be house proud and want to show it off to others is simply a bonus.