Why More and More People Are Leaving the City Behind For a Sea Change

Why More and More People Are Leaving the City Behind For a Sea Change

The city in summer can be a less than pleasant experience a lot of the time. With humidity creeping upwards each day and thousands of people squashed into the proximity of a couple of suburbs, sometimes you just feel the need to break free. Most people, however, keep to the city for a number of reasons such as work and ease of living but with more families flocking to the hustle and bustle of the town centers, it starts to make you question the quality of the life you’re living. As work becomes more available around the country with online businesses and mobile workspaces, perhaps it’s time to branch out and make a change. With a beachfront house that won’t break the bank, maybe a sea change is exactly what you need. Have a look at these house and land packages for sale from Lendlease Communities and let me highlight some of the best areas Australia has to offer.

Live-In Holiday Mode.

There’s nothing like a beachside holiday to start and finish off a promising year. Many city folks make the drive from their busy lives to the coastal gems that pepper Australia’s shorelines. With endless beaches, your chances of scoring a beach you can practically call your own isn’t as hard as you may think. House and Land packages from Lendlease Australia are now being made available in Shoreline, Queensland. With more than three thousand homes being developed by surrounding, shops, schools, and bay-sides, Shoreline is the perfect place to unwind and live in holiday mode around the clock. With access to Queensland’s most infamous areas such as Moreton Bay Island, you can combine nature and a strong sense of community with Lendlease.

Save Your Money!

One of the biggest shocks people from the city are stumped by is the value for money when purchasing a home that isn’t within the city walls. While it may seem like a big step for many, the more quaint parts of Australia are fast developing into smaller congregations of communities as well. When looking for waterfront properties in Sydney, you are easily pushing into the multi-million dollar range. While to most, this may seem like a pipe-dream, many fail to look further into what Australia has to offer along with its coastlines. In North Coast WA at Alkimos Beach, Lendlease Communities offer land and house packages which start at $450 000! Not only is this almost a third of the cost of homes in Sydney, but you get so much more bang for your buck as well! Built-in harmony with its surroundings, the community of Alkimos Beach has a strong community sense and sustainability initiatives that make it the first Australian Community to be given a 6 Star Green Star Living. You will always feel the coastal vibe no matter where you are thanks to over one-third of the community being reserved for parks, bushland, and playing fields improving morale and your fitness! 

The city gives us centrality and familiarity that is often hard to leave for good. If you have yet to spend time away from the city, you might not be aware of the abundance of properties that are located around some of Australia’s best beaches. By researching the best area and home for your family, you could score an oasis from an organization such as Lendlease Communities that perfectly combines the relaxed beach life with the creature comforts from the city that are hard to let go of. Find your new life around Australia today and swap the city for the sea thanks to Lendlease Communities.

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