10 Easy Decorating Tips for Your Dorm Room

College can be an up and down experience. One day you’re enjoying the college life with friends, and the next you’re drowned in seemingly endless tasks. You need something to spruce up your dormitory. That’s where decorating comes in. It’s important to be creative in your dormitory room. Today, we’re going to look at 10 easy decorating tips for your dorm room. Let’s get right in!

10. Canvas Prints

One dynamite way to spruce up your dormitory room is by using canvas prints. So what exactly are canvas prints? Canvas prints are customized photos, pictures, or artwork that are printed onto a canvas. If you have pictures that you want to hang up, canvas prints can take it to another level. Additionally, canvas prints come in a wide variety of sizes, perfectly suited to fit your dorm room. Lastly, canvas prints have excellent picture quality, perfect for your dorm room. 

9. Make The Most Of Small Spaces

We know your dorm room can feel cramped at times. With textbooks, bins, furniture, and appliances all in a tiny space, it’s important that you maximize the space you have. So how can you make the most of small spaces? It starts with storage. Take full advantage of all your closet space, storage areas, and unique spaces. Additionally, consider making some of your furniture pieces multi-dimensional. For instance, your bed could have storage compartments on either side. Improving your storage allows you to stay organized and focused. 

8. Cool Color Schemes

Dorm rooms with dark, dreary colors can be depressing during college. You should look to brighten up your room a little bit. There are several ways to infuse color into your dorm room.

  • You could use a tapestry to determine which colors you love.
  • If you’re allowed, consider painting your dorm room a brighter color.
  • Add a touch of color into your bed sheets or bed curtains.

These ideas should help brighten up your room, giving a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

7. Make Style Statements

College is a time to express yourself, adventure into new realms, and gain new, exciting experiences. One way you can express yourself is through your dorm room. As a quick reminder before we look at how to make style statements, make sure that your roommate(s) are okay with your choices. Look at picking up cheap furniture, unique plugins or rustic looking storage containers. By expressing yourself, your confidence will grow, and you should be able to enjoy the look of your dorm room. 

6. Unique Lighting Ideas

Looking to brighten up your room? If so, consider investing in some unique lighting ideas. A few interesting lighting ideas that you can use in your dorm room include:

  • You could string small light bulbs throughout your dorm room.
  • You could choose to go with a rustic look; such as deer antlers or reclaimed wood.
  • You could go with more modern, sheek lighting ideas.
  • Finally, you may look into using candles, even if they’re fake.
  • These lighting ideas can help brighten up your dorm room. 

5. Creative Throw Pillows

Next up, an excellent way to decorate your room is with throw pillows. There is a throw pillow design for just about everyone. Looking for a throw pillow that expresses your emotions? 

Look into an emoji pillow. Want a pillow with a design, buy a pillow with a unique picture. Society6 has a wonderful selection, pick something that really stands out to you. The point is there is a great pillow design for any dorm room. Additionally, you don’t just have to put throw pillows on the bed; you can use them on chairs or benches. 

4. Grow A Plant

Looking for a little extra pop in your room? Look into purchasing a small plant. Believe it or not, plants can improve your physical and mental health, put you in a better mood, and enhance your creativity. Additionally, there are a wide variety of easy to grow plants that you can put in your dorm room. A few of the plants you can grow include:

  • Cacti plants
  • English Ivy
  • Ferns
  • Lavender
  • Aloe Vera

3. Spruce Up Your Desk

For many college students, they live at their desk. If you’re one of those people, it might be beneficial to add a little bit more life to your desk. There are countless things you can do to improve your desk area. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Add some unique lighting fixtures or lamps.
  • Have designated storage spaces on your desk. These could be binders, containers, or whatever you want to organize your supplies in.
  • Buy a cool new coffee mug.
  • Improving your desk can enhance the look of your room and help you get more work accomplished. 

2. Hang Up Arts And Crafts

Hanging up arts, crafts and pictures on your wall is an easy way to decorate your dorm. It doesn’t even have to be crafts. Hang up whatever interests you; whether its guitars, posters, artwork, or anything else that interests you. Additionally, get creative with how you hang your supplies up. You could hang it up with colorful tacks, string, invisible shelves or whatever you want. 

1. Pick Out A Cool Rug

Last but not least, a rug can be one of the statement pieces of your dorm room. Find a rug that personifies your taste and style. Bedroom area rugs are the perfect way to show off personal style and to make your dorm room feel more at home. There are several rugs that you could look into. These include:

  • Rag Rugs
  • Tie Die Rugs
  • Wool Rugs

These are just a few ideas to get you started, go with a rug that you love.

There you have it, 10 easy tips to spruce up your dormitory room. If you’re looking for a way to express yourself or feel more at home in college, these decorating tips should help you.