Outstanding Exterior Paint Colors to Give Your Home a Face Lift

Outstanding Exterior Paint Colors to Give Your Home a Face Lift

Depending on the climate that you live in, home repainting is something that you might think about every 2 years or it may be a once-in-a-decade project. Regardless, if you’re nearing your next exterior renovations, you’re likely looking for new ways to make your home stand out.

The exterior paint colors of your home are the first thing that people notice when they drive by your house. Because of this, you should carefully consider what hues you want to use for your upcoming paint job.

Here, we’re going to talk about how to make this decision and give you some tried-and-true color schemes that you’re sure to love!

Tips for Making Your Decision

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider when deciding what color scheme works best for your home.

First, you’ll want to think about the rest of your home exterior. Do you have preexisting fencing that you’re attached to? A patio that you don’t plan to repaint? It’s important that the color you choose for your house matches these features.

If you choose to incorporate multiple colors into your exterior paint job (such as making trim a different color than the rest of your house or painting the doors a different hue), you’ll need to make sure everything is internally consistent. Matching is important no matter what you decide to do! You don’t want people to think of your home as an eyesore.

You also will want to consider the vibe that you want your home to give off. Using color psychology is a great way to do this. A blue or green home is relaxing and ensures that everyone knows how restful and calm you are. Yellow and orange, on the other hand, are energizing and sociable.

Tried and True Color Combinations

Now that you have some tips on choosing the right color for your home’s next paint job, it’s time to look into some of the specific hues that people have long loved. Read on for some colors and combinations that are sure to make your home look gorgeous in the coming years!

Wonderful Whites

Most homes use a white color scheme for their exterior design. There’s a reason that siding, fencing, and accents are often white- the absence of color clashes with literally nothing. Your home is sure to look great no matter what other design features you have, such as roofing.

Also, while you might not know this, there are a multitude of different white shades that you can choose from.

Pure white, eggshell, white dove, and ivory are some of the most popular hues for both interior and exterior decor. These classic colors make your home appear both traditional and tasteful.

Stay True With Blue

Blue is the most popularly-cited favorite color among both men and women. People of all age groups state that blue is the most calming and relaxing color and that their eye is drawn to it over other colors.

Because of this, using a shade of blue is a guaranteed way to make your house appear like an inviting space.

Indigo and royal blue are amazing colors. However, using dark colors like navy for a home’s exterior is likely a poor decision. It makes your house look dark and drab and could, therefore, make people wonder whether or not you’re a pessimistic person.

Instead, robin’s egg blue (or other pastel shades), sky blue, baby blue, turquoise will make your home look cheerful and exciting. The darkest you should ever go with is cornflower blue, which you can get away with if you pair it with a white roof and trim.

Yay for Yellow

Want to make your home look energetic rather than relaxing? No problem! Yellow has you covered.

As we brushed on before when we talked about color psychology, yellow and orange are colors that get people’s minds in an active mindset. This has a multitude of benefits, including improving mood and making people feel more productive. It also gets people feeling social and interactive, which is great if you want to pursue conversations with friends and neighbors!

Since yellow is a light color no matter what shade you choose, you can simply pick your favorite. Goldenrod, dandelion, and pale yellow are some of our favorites, especially when paired with orange trim.

Mix and Match

In recent years, people have been mixing and matching the colors of their homes more often.

Painting each strip of siding a different color is a unique way to make your house stand out. However, it can go really wrong, really fast if you don’t do your research. This is something that you absolutely shouldn’t do without consulting a professional.

However, there are other ways to incorporate different colors into your exterior decor!

You might be interested in using a different shade for front doors than the rest of your house. If you have a white home, try making the front door a light blue. Paint your fence the same color for an all-around cohesive look!

What About Your Trim?

Even if you don’t want to mix and match your main siding colors, it’s important that you have some variety in your design. Trim- the frame around your doors and windows- is usually where this variation comes in.

Choose a color that you like and use it for your trim. Make sure that it doesn’t clash with the rest of your home. If you choose to make your house primarily white, you can pick blue, yellow, orange, or even red for your trim and still have it look amazing.

However, if you paint your home robin’s egg blue, you may not want to use canary yellow for your trim. Instead, use a nice green or traditional white. Pastel colors of any hue also go with other pastels, so if you’re dead-set on yellow trim with a robin’s egg blue house, try a subtle pastel yellow.

Beyond Exterior Paint Colors

There are a lot of design schemes that look great on homes, but choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. Luckily, as long as you understand how to give your home a cohesive look with color schemes, you’re sure to have a smooth remodel.

Now that you know some exterior paint colors and schemes that look awesome on homes, it’s time to get more information. Check out the search function on our home page and enter any keywords into it regarding homeownership or exterior design. You’re sure to find some amazing tips here that you can put to use during your renovations!

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