3 Interesting Paint Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedroom

3 Interesting Paint Ideas For Your Kids’ Bedroom

If you and your kids want a change in how their bedrooms look, adding a fresh coat of paint could be just the ticket. This is a great way to get a whole new look in the space without having to spend a lot of money on redecorating. And, if you want your kids to take a more active role, you can even let them paint some of the room, too. However, hiring a professional painter can help to give you a professional look.

But before you can move forward with this, you first need to decide how to paint the room. To help you choose something beyond just the average wall color, here are three interesting paint ideas for your kids’ bedroom. 

Paint The Flooring

Aside from painting the walls, you may also want to paint the floor, too.

While this won’t work for a room with carpeting, if you have hard flooring that you’re willing to add a coat of paint onto, this can give your kid’s room a very impactful look. In some cases, having a painted floor can be a great way to encourage your child to keep their room clean so that they can enjoy the color that they choose to paint it. But if you don’t want to paint the floor of your kids’ room, you can also paint the ceiling or even some of the furniture to give things a more interesting look. 

Play With Shapes

If you and your child are looking for something more whimsical than just one solid color on the wall, you may want to see how you can play with shapes as you apply your paint. 

To do this, get out some painter’s tape and decide what shapes you or your kids want to have on their walls. You can do things like painting mountains all around the room or painting shapes that your kids can color a completely different color than the rest of the room. 

Try Out Stripes

For those kids who might have a hard time deciding just one color that they want to paint their room, you can always choose to do stripes instead. 

While two-toned stripes can look great, you can make as many colored stripes as you or your child want. They can help section off the walls into the size of stripes they want, they can choose how many colors they think will look right in their space, and they can help decide the order in which the stripes will go in. For kids who like making decisions for themselves, this is a great option. 

If you want to paint your kids’ bedroom in something more interesting than just a solid color on the walls, consider using the tips mentioned above to help give you some ideas. 

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