Projects That Can Add Value to a Home

Whether there is a plan to sell a property in the near, distance or not at all, home improvements can either benefit those living in the house, or the value of it! That being said, some home improvement projects are more likely to add value to a property than others. This piece will discuss which home improvement to opt for if property value increase is the goal.

Basic Updates to Add Value to a Property

Obviously, keeping a property in tip-top condition will increase the value much more than if it has been neglected. Some simple things to do to add value to a property is to make sure there is no mold, keep on top of routine maintenance, check the roof and tiles, keep on top of leaks and replace any wood that rots. Maintenance and repair are much less costly than brand new replacements!

  “A new and inviting color can transform the whole room!”  

Building a Small Extension

Extending your home will always add value to it as you are basically providing extra living space. Most homeowners think of extensions as massive projects that totally transform the way their home looks. While this can be the case, there are small extension ideas out there as well. Something like a conservatory or a kitchen extension can both add serious value to your property. As with all home improvement projects that involve building things or knocking walls down, it’s good to work with a general contractor to ensure the whole project is dealt with by professionals. This enables you to get the best outcome from the build, leaving you with an extension that’s functional, provides more living space, and boosts your home’s value

Remodeling a Kitchen to Add Property Value

One of the most common and efficient ways to add value to a property is a kitchen remodel. There is no need to splash out and create a kitchen as big as a living room with a talking fridge (unless that is desired!) and a little can go a long way. Applying a fresh coat of paint in a new and inviting color can transform the whole room. In comparison to new countertops and knocking down walls, paint is a relatively low-cost option that can offer an impressive kitchen renovation!

Update to Energy Efficient Appliances to Add Property Value

When appliances and white goods need to be updated, it is always best to opt for those who are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Energy-efficient appliances are an attractive update for those looking to buy a property because these appliances can cut down on the cost of bills, such as saving money on electricity. Boilers are another appliance that can be overlooked when it comes to upgrading. On average, a boiler should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, so if that time is approaching, why not opt for a green boiler? A boiler accounts on average for 60% of an energy bill, so having a new eco boiler installed will be sure to pique the interest of buyers! Find a reputable HVAC service in the area to help with any installations, plumbing, or heating queries to give your property the value boost it deserves.

“What is that massive stain on the carpet?” 

Replace Carpets and Rugs to Add Value to a Property

Something that is immediately noticed when viewing a property is the state of the carpets or the floors, and nothing puts buyers off like thinking about replacing all the floors in a new home, or wondering what that massive stain is on the carpet in the front room. If a carpet replacement is a bit above the budget, why not see what hard floor is underneath? Either way, clean and polished looking floors are a key to added value on a property!

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