Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

If you’re looking for scary monsters you’re at the wrong place.  There are no scary monsters allowed at Shabby Chic Boho.  Instead, you can find cute and adorable monsters to make bedtime fun.  Today I’m featuring the Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime by Continuum Games and I think your kids will agree that it’s snuggly and fun.

The Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime comes in different styles and fun color options.

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

Snuggle monsters are an interactive way to make bedtime fun. While the kids are getting ready for bed, parents can hide their snuggle monster to make a game of hide and seek. The snuggle monster comes with its own book which can then be read to kids to help them sleep at night.

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

My kids love their new magical bedtime routine.
Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

From the moment my kids were conceived, I started reading to them. When they were born, I continued reading to them. As they learn to read we read to each other. I love gift ideas like the Snuggle Monsters that include books.  A book and a toy to create memories to last a lifetime.

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime

The boxed set features a nighttime storybook, lovable plush monster as a sleep companion and a hide-and-seek game. Watch the nighttime ritual turn the nighttime struggles into snuggles! I believe that this would make a great Christmas gift for all kids and guess what. No batteries required. You can click on my link above or the below widgets to learn more and make your own purchase.

Who would you give your Snuggle Monster too?

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