3 of the Best Toys for Active Cats (and How to Use Them)

3 of the Best Toys for Active Cats (and How to Use Them)

Cats are curious creatures, not all of them demanding attention or even entertainment as a dog would. Rather than nudging your hand to throw a ball, they’re lounging in that sun patch on the floor. Instead of whining for pets, they’re running off to the nearest shadow.

Okay, that’s not every cat—but you know what we mean.

Despite their curiosity, it’s important to know they need stimulation. Do you think your cat might be bored? Is your cat playful, but you’re not sure how to interact with them?

Here, we discuss the best toys for active cats, plus how to use them. Some will get you off the hook if your hands are busy and others will keep ol’ Kitty engaged time and time again. Keep reading, pet owners!

1. OurPets Batting Practice Interactive Cat Toy

Plastic sticks with tethered feathers or mouses are a common toy in the cat universe. We’d bet that every pet store near you offers the standard toy.

With this upgraded version, there are a few twists—it’s hands-free, it makes a mouse-like squeak with each hit, and it’s extremely affordable.

Simply hang the toy from the top of a door or shelf and let it fall within your cat’s reach. Whether you’re home or not, they’ll always be able to swat around a mouse when they feel like it. And with that desired catnip smell, they’re sure to feel like it often.

2. Rainy Day Puzzle and Play Cat Game by Nina Ottoson

This interactive toy, complete with fourteen hidden treat compartments, stimulates your cat’s curiosity.

As with hunting, your cat will have to navigate the area to find the treasure. Rainy Day Puzzle has over a dozen tiny holes covered by teardrop-shaped pieces on a swivel. Once your cat sniffs out the treat, it’s up to them to open the gate by moving the raindrop and retrieving their reward.

One cool feature of this toy is its ability to scale up the difficulty. Once your cat gets used to the game, make it more challenging by hiding treats under the spinning wheel or by placing them in the pegs—which can only reveal a treat when moved over an empty space.

3. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

Of all the cat toys on the market today, the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree is one of the best cat toys out there. That’s because it stimulates a feline’s most basic, primal hunting instincts.

With food hidden inside and only side openings available, your (domesticated!) cat will have to work harder than they’ve ever worked for their dinner. If you find they’re not interacting well with their standard food, try placing treats or even a toy in there instead.

Your active cat is sure to love a toy that feeds them!

Get the Best Toys for Active Cats by Shopping These Options

Cats—they may not require much, but they do need to get some energy out every once in a while.

Keep your cat entertained and playful by investing in one or all of the best toys for active cats. With these choices, you can’t go wrong. Your cat will thank you (and by “thank,” we mean sulk in a corner in a soft and cozy cat bed—just kidding!).


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