Dubia Roaches: 4 Reasons Why They Are Better Food for Your Pet

Dubia Roaches 4 Reasons Why They Are Better Food for Your Pet

If you have an insectivorous pet, Dubia roaches might be the best diet for them. Read on to know why Dubia roaches are a great food item for your pets.

Feeding insects to your pets can be troublesome. Taking care of the insects, worrying about their cleanliness, and gut loading them for proper nutrition can get overwhelming. 

If you are facing all these problems, Dubia roaches can be an amazing choice for you. In this article, we have covered what these insects are and four reasons why Dubia roaches are better food for your pet.

What Are Dubia Roaches?

Blaptica dubia (Dubia roaches) are medium-sized insects native to South and Central America. They are squishy insects with a very low chitin content in their exoskeleton. 

Because of the moisture in their guts and their ability to contain nutrition, they are a good choice for feeder insects, and they have become a mainstay in the diets of many confined animals.

Where Can You Find Dubia Roaches?

You can easily find Dubia roaches at almost all pet stores. If you want to buy them online, TopFlight Dubia Roaches are the most reliable place for fresh and nutritious roaches. 

4 Reasons Why Dubia Roaches Are Better Food for Your Pet

Dubia roaches are a great option for your pet as food. Here’s why.

  • They Are Packed with Nutrition

The most important factor for Dubia roaches is their nutrition. If you have just started with a pet reptile and are concerned about its nutrition, Dubia roaches are loaded with it. 

Reptiles have different nutritional needs based on their species. Carnivorous reptiles need 30 to 50 percent crude protein on a daily basis. Herbivorous reptiles require approximately 18 to 22 percent crude protein, while omnivorous reptiles require approximately 20 to 25 percent. 

It’s also worth noting that these insects will meet a significant portion of your pet’s calcium requirements.

In comparison to other insects, such as mealworms and superworms, the fat level isn’t excessive. The fundamental concept is to keep your pets lean and happy by feeding them a high-protein, low-fat diet. In comparison to crickets, these insects have one-third the amount of chitin, making them easier to digest.

  • They Are Easy to Contain

This roach is unable to fly. Adult males have completely formed wings, but the muscles needed to fly for long periods of time are absent. It’s unusual to see them fly. Their inability to fly enables them to be relatively easy to contain, even in unprotected containers.

These insects will not cause you any trouble even if you use containers without a lid. Climbing smooth vertical surfaces is likewise nearly impossible for them. 

They don’t have a pronounced arolium like other roaches, which makes climbing these surfaces extremely difficult. However, nymphs are seen to climb silicone surfaces and the sides of plastic containers, so these should be avoided.

  • They Are Clean and Noise-Free

Another reason why Dubia roaches are the best food for your pet is that they are exceedingly clean. When kept clean, they have almost little odor. Every two weeks is the recommended time frame for cleaning their container. They also don’t stink when they die, and this is important if you plan on breeding them in your home.

These roaches, unlike other insects, do not ingest their own or other animals’ feces, which makes them one of the cleanest insects on the planet. Feeding them is a breeze. A frugivore, the Dubia roach eats fruits. 

Fruits and grains are their favorites, and they steer clear of high-protein foods like meat. This contributes significantly to the fact that they are odorless. In their community, eating one’s own kind is nearly unheard of.

One of the most common complaints from cricket users is the sound they make. Keeping a big number of these bugs in your home can disrupt your sleep cycle. When compared to Dubia roaches, which make no audible noise, this is a significant difference. Your pet reptiles may not care about the noise, but their owners most certainly do.

  • They Live Long and Are Easy to Breed

Based on how well you care for it, a Dubia roach can live for one to two years. They have a higher survival rate than crickets, which helps to breed them in big numbers. Crickets have a short lifespan of 8 to 10 weeks.

It’s critical to keep them in a chilly, damp environment. Their optimal habitat temperature is between 30 and 35 degrees. In temperatures below 20 degrees, Dubia roaches will not reproduce. 

They can endure lower humidity compared to any other roach variety, but they won’t be able to molt successfully if there isn’t enough water in the air. It’s recommended that you sprinkle their containers three times a day with water to keep them going.

Depending on the climatic conditions, a regular Dubia roach pregnancy might last anywhere from 48 to 64 days. As a result, maintaining ideal habitat conditions is critical. 

Females can generate 20-35 nymphs at a time after hatching the eggs inside them. The nymphs will mature in 4-6 months, going through seven larval stages or molting cycles along the way. In just a few months, a colony of 500 such insects can quickly increase to a couple of thousand.


When it comes to the diet of your pet friend, there are multiple factors you need to think about, not just nutrition. Dubia roaches are becoming increasingly popular nowadays because they offer multiple benefits, not only to the reptile but also to the owners. 

Dubia roaches are the best food for your pet because of their nutritional factors, cleanliness, longevity, and ease of breeding. They are also noise-free and quite easy to contain and store. 

So if you are looking for that one staple food for your pet reptile, Dubia roaches are most certainly the one to opt for. However, don’t forget to feed variety to your pet as just feeding them a single type of insect will not meet all their dietary needs.

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