8 Tips Every First-Time Puppy Owner Needs to Follow

8 Tips Every First-Time Puppy Owner Needs to Follow

Getting a new puppy brings excitement, joy, and lots of affection. But, it also comes with responsibility.

As a first time puppy owner, learning to care for your dog is the ultimate way to show your love. Do you know how to care for your pup?

8 Things a First Time Puppy Owner Should Know

Sometimes people overlook the fact that puppies are not toys. These living creatures come with serious demands, but also offer chic rewards.

Keep reading to learn 8 important tips for new puppy owners.

1. Bathroom Habits

Your puppy needs to go potty often. You may want to consider taking off of work or scheduling a sitter for the first couple of months.

They can hold it one hour for every month they are, even throughout the night. Take them out often and offer lots of praise when they get it right. Accidents will happen, but stay consistent with your efforts.

2. Behavior

Puppies jump and lick. They also bark and do all sorts of things you may not like.

You cannot expect them to stop overnight. Stay consistent with rules, praise, and punishments so that they learn to behave the way you like. Sign them up for online puppy training for the best results at your convenience.

3. Chewing

Instinctually, dogs chew things. This can range from annoying to dangerous.

Keep valuable things out of your puppies reach when you are away. Buy chew toys and try not to make other objects randomly into toys to avoid confusion.

Keep protective coverings on electrical wires or keep puppies away from them altogether. Chewing cords can electrocute them and cause a house fire.

4. Attention

Every puppy owner should expect to give a ton of attention to their new pup. Pups crave love and playtime.

They also need you to take them potty and on walks. Plus, you need to always keep an eye on them until they learn.

5. Quiet Time

Puppies require 18-20 hours of sleep each day, though they get it sporadically. Especially homes with children, make sure you give the new puppy adequate quiet time for sleep.

6. Diet

Puppies need special food. Human food can make them ill, especially chocolate.

Put them on a consistent feeding schedule with about 1/2 cups 3 times each day. Don’t switch their brand until they are older to avoid tummy upsets.

7. Vet Visits

No matter where you live, you always need to get your puppy medical attention. Follow this puppy advice for a vet schedule:

  • 6-8 weeks- Distemper
  • 10-12 weeks- DHPP
  • 12-24 weeks- Rabies

If you do not plan to breed your pup, get them fixed around 9 months. This will also help to settle their behavior.

8. Expenses

As a first-time puppy owner, you may not realize that they cost much more than the initial payment. They need food, treats, toys, accessories, crates, bedding, shots, grooming, etc.

Plus, you never know if they will catch an unexpected illness. Puppy care can cost you over $1,000 the first year and continue to cost anywhere from $400 to well over $1,000 annually.

There Is No Love Like Puppy Love

You should go into this fully prepared for the responsibility. But, as a first time puppy owner, you will learn love like you never knew it before.

Owning a puppy can be amazingly chic if you do so responsibly. Read more pet care tips on our website!

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