3 Tips To Prevent Mold When Living In An Apartment

3 Tips To Prevent Mold When Living In An Apartment

Apartment living comes with its pros and cons. A big benefit is that you often have additional services that make your life easier – like someone at the front desk who can hold your parcels for you while you’re at work. Apartments also tend to be in excellent and convenient locations, making life easier for you. 

However, one of the big disadvantages of apartment living is that you’re often sandwiched between lots of other apartments. As a result, the living space can be very humid, and there’s not always a window in the bathroom. This presents a big problem regarding mold growth – which can be an issue for your health. Not only that, but if mold grows in your apartment, the landlord might charge you for any cleaning or removal services. 

With that in mind, here are some pro tips to prevent mold when you live in a small apartment with limited windows:

Dry your clothes in the dryer

Many things can cause mold to grow in your home, but the main one is excess moisture and humidity. A lot of moisture comes from when you shower, as you create loads of steam. But, hanging clothes to dry inside your apartment can also generate enough moisture for mold to grow. Ideally, you will look for apartments with a washer and dryer when you’re moving in. If not, you may have to buy your own dryer to dry the clothes in. This prevents excess moisture from forming in your home and increasing the humidity. If it’s impossible for you to get a dryer, there is an alternative. 

Buy a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air and keeps your in-home humidity at a normal level. You should be looking at around 50-60% humidity to prevent mold from growing, but most apartments average at 70-80%. Buying a dehumidifier is an easy way to stop this, and they are very energy-efficient as well. Plus, they do provide an alternative to using a dryer as they can help you dry clothes quickly. If you don’t have a dryer – and can’t hang clothes up outside – this is the best way to stop wet clothes from increasing the humidity and creating mold. 

Ask your landlord to upgrade the windows

Often, mold forms because of excess condensation around the windows in your apartment. Now, the funny thing is that this is out of your control. Good windows should prevent condensation, so any wetness that forms around them is a sign your windows need fixing. Tell your landlord and ask them to replace or repair the windows for you – after all, it is their responsibility as the owner of the property. They might refuse, but in that case, you need to tell them that they can’t complain about any mold in the apartment. You’ve warned them about it, and if they try to charge you for any mold removal, you can take legal action and point to this as evidence of your landlord being at fault. Ideally, they’re sensible and will replace or repair the windows, preventing condensation and mold growth.  If you have to do this yourself, check out this post on DIY: 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mold.

Mold isn’t exclusive to apartments, but it is more likely to grow there due to smaller spaces and a lack of ventilation. Still, applying these tips will help you prevent mold as much as possible. 

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