Wee Ittybit Bunny By The Bay Gifts 2021

One of the most precious things you will see on my Christmas Gift Guide 2021 is this sweet stuffed bunny by Bunnies on the Bay.  It’s baby soft, loveable, snuggable, provides security for infants and toddlers, and it’s safe for your little one.

The bunny I’m featuring today is called the Wee Ittybit Bunny.  It’s the perfect size for little hands to cuddle day, night, and while traveling to Grandma’s for Christmas.

Wee Ittybit Bunny By The Bay Gifts 2021

You don’t have to worry about buttons falling off and your infants putting them in their mouth (or nose, that happened to a family member years ago), because its face is created with embroidery.  It even has a soft blush to its cheeks.  I’m sure he got it in the garden looking for carrots :).

The Wee Ittybit Bunny is a small 7 inches in height and makes a great baby’s first plush animal gift.
You can check out Bunnies By The Bay at my link to learn more and to see all of the gifts they offer. They make great gifts to put under the tree, in a Christmas stocking, Birthday gifts, and even baby shower gifts.

I don’t like to give gifts that I think someone else might give so I search and search for the perfect unique (and let’s be honest, affordable too) gifts to give. I bought this adorable bunny to give as a Christmas gift for a sweet bundle of joy that’s on the way.  He should be making his arrival at any moment and I can’t wait until he’s old enough to enjoy his gift. I wanted him to have it now so Wee Ittybit can join the ride to move through life’s stages with him until he’s old enough and big enough to get a larger bunny.  I already have the next one picked out.

Who would you buy your Ittybit Bunny for?

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