4 FAQs Surrounding Facial Cosmetic Surgery

4 FAQs Surrounding Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Taking the decision to have cosmetic surgery is certainly not one you should make lightly; however, when considering your options and weighing up the pros and cons, there will undoubtedly be a number of questions on your mind.

Obviously, during your initial consultation, your surgeon and nurse will go through each step of the procedure and conduct a full medical assessment, but in an effort to help, here are some FAQs surrounding facial cosmetic surgery. 

1. Do You Need to be Referred by Your Medical Doctor?

First and foremost, even though it is not a requirement in terms of being accepted by cosmetic surgery, it is strongly advisable to book an appointment with your medical doctor ahead of your initial consultation at the clinic. 

Not only will your doctor be fully aware of the details of your medical history, but they will also be able to offer you advice based on their professional knowledge of your physical health and emotional well-being. 

2. What Do You Look for in a Cosmetic Surgeon?

In the case of a professional Denver rhinoplasty at an established clinic by an experienced surgeon, for example, there will be no doubt that every surgeon will be both a BAAPS member and also have acquired the FCRS (Plast) official qualification. 

Other things, aside from accreditation, to look for in a cosmetic surgeon include the following:

  • The number of similar procedures they have successfully completed
  • The level of training they have received
  • The level of aftercare you can expect
  • Whether or not they own the clinic or are working there on a part-time basis

3. How Much Does Facial Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

Obviously, the final cost of your facial cosmetic procedure is based on the exact type of surgery you are undergoing, but several other variables can have an influence.

These consist of the state where your surgery will take place, any specialist fees such as the form of anesthesia you request, the clinic fee that will include the stay in the hospital overnight should your surgery require it, and any additional tests you will need.

If you are interested in a certain cosmetic procedure from a specific clinic, do not hesitate to contact them and enquire as to their pricing structure and how each cost is broken down. 

4. What is the Recovery Period Like?

4 FAQs Surrounding Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Just as everyone’s reasons for electing to have facial cosmetic surgery in the first place vary dramatically from one individual to the next, so do the aftercare specifics and the recovery period. 

Furthermore, different people have varying levels of pain tolerance, just as in the same way as when one person has a tattoo, they require numbing cream, while others actively enjoy the pain and, moreover, actually enjoy it. 

Different cosmetic procedures also vary when it comes to the length and the intensity of the recovery period, with liposuction being more uncomfortable in the days and weeks afterward than muscle-tightening procedures such as breast augmentation and abdominoplasties.

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