Things to Know Before Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery

Things to Know Before Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery

Breast Implant Augmentation

Many women who are not happy with the size of their breasts opt for breast implant augmentation surgery. These women decide that they would be happier with a different size breast and are willing to go through the surgery to take care of that issue. Surgery can have its own issues, but women feel that this is the best thing for them.

There are also women who have already had the surgery done, and for some reason or another, they decide that the surgery needs to be redone. For these women there is a need for breast implant revision that can change the size of their breasts again, or the former implants need repair. For these women, a second surgery may be necessary. 

If you are a woman that is thinking about getting her breasts augmented, there are a few things that you need to know before you have this done. This article will highlight a few of those things so that you know before you go into a doctor to talk about this. You will also want to do more research before you have this surgery done because, although it is a safe surgery, there are risks that can happen.

Things to Know Before Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery


1. Not Your Last

Your first breast implant augmentation surgery will not be your last surgery. You will need to have the surgery done at least every ten years or so because your implants do not last forever. You will need to think about the cost of having the surgery done more than once. This is not an inexpensive surgery, and to need to have it at least twice will double the costs that you are thinking about.

2. You Need to Be Healthy

You can’t have the surgery if you are not completely healthy so take that into consideration. If you have any ongoing infections, if you have cancer, or if you are pregnant, you can’t have the surgery. It can risky if you are obese or if you are a smoker, so you should see if you could lose some weight and quit smoking before you elect to have the surgery. You also should not have it if your breasts haven’t fully developed yet.

3.  A More Discreet Look

In the past women wanted breasts to be noticeably larger and opted for double d or even e sizes. Today the look is more discreet where women want an increase of just a size or two. If you are looking to increase to that double d size or larger, it might take more than one surgery to do so and it may look unnatural for your body size.

4. Different Feel

Even though there have been giant strides made in breast implants, they still won’t feel completely natural. The silicone in them makes them feel more natural than the old materials, but you will notice a difference. The less breast tissue you have before the surgery, the less likely they are to feel real.

5. Nipple Sensation

More than half of the women who have opted for this surgery have experienced a difference in the sensation of their nipples, especially in the first few weeks after the procedure. See here for more information: This happens because the nerves are being stretched as it is getting used to the implants. As the body heals, the sensation should get closer to being normal. Sometimes, though, the sensation never returns to normal. 

6. Not the Final Result

You will not see the final result of the procedure immediately afterwards; it will take a while to see those final results. At first it will seem as though your breasts are unnaturally high because they need time to settle. They might appear to be stuck on at first, but they will settle to a more natural look soon.

7. Post-Op Blues

You will most likely feel post operative blues after your procedure – this is normal. You might feel as if you have made a mistake and shouldn’t have had the procedure. You will also lose your independence for the first few weeks after the procedure. This also leads to feelings of inadequacy for those weeks. You will get better after a few weeks – just know that these feelings are normal, and you are not the only one who has had them.

8. Breast Feeding

Most women will be able to breast feed their children after this surgery. There could be some complications, though, that make it difficult to do so because of nerve damage. If you are planning on breast feeding post-surgery, you need to speak to your surgeon before you have the procedure done.

9. Mammograms

You need to make sure that you let the mammogram technician know that you have implants in before you have a mammogram done. They have a special technique that they do since the machine can’t see through the implant. Your radiographer can get more information about how to do the mammogram with breast implants here. It is important that they know about this so that you can get the information that you need. 

10. Sunbathing

You will need to take special precautions when it comes to sunbathing, especially during the first year after your procedure. The scars will pigment faster, and it will most likely be permanently there. You can use a sticking plaster those first months to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.


If you are planning on getting breast implant augmentation surgery, you need to know these things before you do it. You want to be prepared and not be surprised at some of the things that are on this list. You also want to know that it might cause issues if you want to breast feed later on and when you have mammograms done.

You should also know that having the procedure done, you could have feelings of depression. Just know that all of this is normal and soon you will feel much better about having the procedure done. You just have to get through the tough times to be able to enjoy your new breasts.

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