4 Reasons to Move to the Great State of Virginia

4 Reasons to Move to the Great State of Virginia

4 Reasons to Move to the Great State of Virginia

Virginia’s history is long and rich – and residents are continuing to grow the state by attracting top jobs and high-quality education while celebrating the past. Whether you’re looking for metropolitan excitement or country leisure, Virginia is a top place to live. Here are 4 reasons to move to the great state of Virginia.

1. Steady Economy

As the state capital, Richmond is filled with lawyers, lobbyists, and legislators, as well as major financial institutions like sizable branches of Wells Fargo and Bank of America and several Fortune 500 companies, including insurance company Genworth Financial and used-car retailer CarMax. Primary employers in the metro area include federal, state and local government, law firms and businesses in the financial sector, including banks like Capital One and Bank of America. The data from the U.S. Census Bureau has shown that the state of Virginia has four out of the nation’s ten richest counties. The median house income is as high as $120.000 per year. The official statistics show that the unemployment rate in this state is currently below 4%. This is lower than the national average. 

2. Education

The quality of education and the overall student performance in the state of Virginia is deserving of the praise it gets. The National Assessment of Educational Progress acknowledges Virginia’s educational system as one of the best in the country. The graduation rate almost sets a record at 86%. However, that’s not where the advantages of the educational system. Virginia is home to almost 200 higher educational establishments. The University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and the College of William and Mary are the most notable ones. 

The historic state of Virginia has 86 colleges and universities, including some of the most renowned in the nation. Virginia is a solid piece of America’s history. The state’s past is the beginning of the nation’s history and heritage. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown are all part of the depth of Virginia. Sites have been preserved, artifacts collected and research continues. In Virginia, you will find historic old cemeteries, famous battlegrounds, beautiful long coasts, serene mountains, and great adventures. Northern Virginia holds our nation’s security departments; the Department of Defense and the CIA.

3. Housing Market

Amazon has yet to break ground in Northern Virginia for its second headquarters, but residents are already turning away persistent speculators, recalculating budgets for down payments on homes and fighting rent increases. Alexandria Real Estate market is booming with homes selling significantly faster than at this time last year. Home prices in the Virginia suburbs have jumped more than $100,000 since Amazon announced last year that it planned to build a corporate headquarters in Crystal City, Virginia. 

4. Four Seasons

Winters are cold, but the snow is pretty and it’s rarely too much. Summers are hot – which is why there are so many amazing lakes, beaches, and rivers. But you can have hot or cold anywhere. In Virginia, it’s spring and fall that makes it all worthwhile. Virginia also has some of the most amazing beaches anywhere and they’re all within a half day’s drive, no matter where you live in the state.

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