4 Ways Termites Can Damage Your Health and Home

4 Ways Termites Can Damage Your Health and Home

It is a universal truth that almost every person living in this world has encountered pests in his home because no matter how hard we try to prevent their entry, they are still sneaky enough to find their way. Most people can handle the most common household pests like ants or cockroaches, but things get trickier with pests like termites and may require the involvement of professionals like pest control in Phoenix

But, many people take termites for granted and come to realize the gravity of the situation only when they have eaten up half of their houses. Therefore, we have discussed here four alarming ways termites can damage your health and home so that you take their existence more seriously in the future. 

  • Termites can create fire hazards:

If your house has walls or roof made up of wood, then be very cautious about the infiltration of termites in your home. The presence of termites in your home can cause the wooden structures of your home to shift and twist which can put a lot of pressure on the plumbing and electrical network of your house. This pressure can damage your electrical wires and can also cause gas lines to rupture, which can prove to be a lethal combination for a potential fire hazard. 

  • Termites can cause shifting in the structure:

The wooden structures and beams of the house may shift due to the onslaught of termites. As a result of this shifting, cracks may appear around different areas of the house that will compromise the integrity of the structure. As a result of the cracks that appear on the walls and the overall shifting of the structure, the amount of pressure increases on the windows and doors which jams them in their pivots, and it gets really difficult to open or close them. Moreover, these cracks in walls and the other areas of your house will serve as the potential entryways for other pests. 

  • Termites cause mold issues:

Moisture is a natural component of air and it is alright to have decent humidity levels in your house. But, the presence of termites considerably increases the moisture level in your house which makes your home a perfect breeding ground for toxic organisms like mold. Termites not only create the enabling environment for the growth of mold but also facilitates its spread by transporting mold spores to various parts of your house. 

  • Termites’ elimination increases exposure to harmful chemicals:

Many people prefer to take the matter into their own hands and buy synthetic chemicals from the market to get rid of termites. It can turn out to be a decent elimination method, but many people apply these chemicals without any guidance and end up applying them in amounts which are incredibly toxic for them. Moreover, another precaution that is ignored while applying these pesticidal compounds is that they must not be applied at all locations because there are certain areas where they do not have any efficacy. 

Given the damages stated above, we can say that termites are not the type of pests that can be taken for granted because they can turn your life upside down in no time. 

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