What Type of Hair Extensions Are Right for You

What Type of Hair Extensions Are Right for You

Miss Rose always dreamt of having long and soft wavy hair. But, owing to her medical issues, she experienced the issue of hair thinning. Despite trying every solution, her tresses kept on losing their volume. It was depressing her to the core.  

Dejected and disappointed, she decided to browse through the internet in the hope of finding one or the other solution. Browsing through, she stumbled upon some websites like sdhairextensions.net that featured the trend of hair extensions. Though a bit skeptical about it, she made up her mind to go ahead.

Indeed, this decision proved instrumental in transforming her dream of long wavy tresses into reality. Delighted with her new soft wavy hair, she has been positively recommending hair extensions to those who face related issues due to medical problems.

Perhaps, these extensions are not just limited to individuals experiencing issues due to medical issues. Anyone, who wishes to undergo a makeover or who is willing to experiment with their gorgeous tresses, can opt for hair extensions. 

While the trend of these extensions as well as clip in hair extensions is yet to gain popularity, many individuals are ignorant about it. Considering this, we present to you some insights that will offer you a fair idea of the types of extensions. 

Let’s get started with the basics by exploring things to consider before you make this decision. Meanwhile, you can also check this resource to understand the advantages of extensions and how they can add value to your appearance. Alternatively, the advantages might just eliminate some of your misconceptions about these extensions.

3 Factors to consider before opting for hair extension:

Desired Look: Rather than last-minute chaos, try to finalize your desired look by shortlisting the hair color, its length, and type of extension that you would want to go for. The clearer your requirements, the easier it is for the stylist to meet your expectations.

Professional Help: If you have no idea regarding which extension to go for, then it is better to consult a professional stylist beforehand. With their help, it will be relatively simpler for you to find the right extension that suits your persona. 

What Type of Hair Extensions Are Right for You

Hair Care Investment: Post the procedure, investment in hair care is going to be important. Using the right styling product would be your priority. The procedure you are going to undergo should align with the overall investment that you are willing to make. While the idea of the process sounds super cool, you must be able to gauge the overall investment involved in the post stages. 

Let us now explore the types of extensions to figure out what suits you the best. 

  1. Sew-ins: These are one of the old types in which the hair is braided into your original hair and they are secured to the scalp through this braid.  This process takes time to complete. 
  2. Tap-ins: Tap-ins, as the name suggests are done through keratin tape. These are the most popular ones among the lot. If you are looking for a solution that can provide with a long-lasting extension option, then this is the one that you should try. 
  3. Glue-ins: The procedure is meticulous and hence it is expensive as well. Celebrities usually go for this method of extension. It is basically like building up a wig on your head. The process is also relatively longer than its counterparts. 
  4. Halo extensions: This is less damaging for your roots as compared to all the methods listed above. In the procedure, a transparent wire resides on the top of your head like a halo. It is super easy to do it all by yourself. 

It is always recommended that before undergoing any kind of procedure like hair extension, taking expert advice and recommendation is important. Only experts can guide you in the right direction. Get a check-up done with the doctor at least once. Also, make it a point to disclose allergies, if any. 

Once the consultation is done, choose if you wish to opt for a permanent or a semi-permanent solution based on the factors mentioned above. Reach out to professionals always instead of trying it out at home. Go ahead, and pamper yourself a bit!

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