4 ways that counseling could help your marriage

4 ways that counseling could help your marriage

No matter if you are in a great relationship, or a struggling relationship, you always have room for improvement. If you haven’t tried out counseling yet, I highly urge you to look into it! Here are 4 ways that counseling could help your marriage:


One of the keys to a successful relationship is most definitely communication. Couple’s therapy seeks to improve communication between partners. Even those that have open lines of communication can gain some benefit from this. A strong marriage is made up of a few different key components, but the foundation of a strong marriage is always communication. Without proper and effective communication, you could be on two different pages and get into a lot of trouble such as financial trouble, legal trouble, or trouble within your relationship. In fact, quite a few marriages fail just because they do not know how to effectively communicate with their spouse. Once a couple starts getting off-track with their communications, it is easy to stay off-track, creating a lot of negativity within the relationship. It’s funny because so many couples jump into marriage and plan out every single detail of their wedding, to a T. But, what they don’t plan is their future life together. Instead of being picky about the flower arrangements, or the color of the petals lining the aisle, why don’t you be picky about how the rest of your life is going to look like? Preparing for your actual marriage, instead of your wedding day, is much more significant, especially in the long run, but unfortunately, this does not happen very often and couples jump into marriage, without any experience or knowledge when it comes to effective communication. If you are married, or even if you are in a relationship (not married), and you realize that you can improve your communication skills to help your marriage flourish even more than it currently is, seek out counseling.

Airing out issues and discussing them

4 ways that counseling could help your marriage

When you are in Atlanta couples therapy, you should be able to air out your issues and discuss them in a calm (and beneficial) manner. Your therapist at couples counselling sydney cbd will encourage you and your honey to be completely honest and voice out your issues. No stones are left unturned. Truthfulness is essential for therapy sessions to be successful. This is so important and a great tool in therapy because you aren’t at home alone airing out your issues. There will be another set of eyes and ears watching you communicate. As you progress in your “airing out” session, they can help guide you when it comes to communicating easier/better and pointing out things that they noticed – no matter if they were great or not-so-great. Airing out issues in therapy can dramatically help your marriage because it teaches you how to be a better communicator and listener.

Understanding the other person better

One of the best things about therapy? You can learn to understand the other person better. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of “men are from mars,” but it’s true. It’s normal to be in a relationship where you don’t fully understand the other person. This includes their wants and needs. But, although it’s normal, does that make it healthy? Definitely not. In marriage, you should always be striving to understand your spouse more, on a deeper level. This might not be easy, but marriage counseling can help with it.

Strengthen your marriage

4 ways that counseling could help your marriage

Ultimately, I believe that therapy can help address issues, help improve communication, and in the end, it can help strengthen your marriage significantly. Improving communication lines is huge. Understanding the other person more is also BIG. Marriage is hard and counseling is a tool that you should have in the bag. Keep in mind – try seeking counseling before you actually need it. Just like you tighten wheels on your bike before it falls apart, right? 

If you need a counseling company, check out Restorative Counseling Services. They offer Atlanta couples therapy, anxiety therapy, trauma counseling, ADHD, navigating grief and loss, and so much more. Their aim is to give you a change that will last a lifetime. Here is a little bit about their couples therapy: “Marissa Mundy, LPC, CPCS, is our resident couples and family therapist. She utilizes a form of counseling called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This approach helps couples and families exit painful relational cycles, create new healing patterns of interaction, navigate conflict successfully, and most importantly, experience deeper intimacy and connection with the people they love. EFT is best known as a tested and proven couples therapy, but it is also used to repair broken family bonds. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is a form of therapy that had been validated as the gold standard for couples counseling by over 30 years of research. EFT helps couples stop fighting and eliminate emotional distance by helping couples express important feelings and needs in a way that increases their attachment bond. If you imagine conflict between you and your partner as an iceberg, the content of the argument is the tip of the iceberg, and it’s often all that we see. But underneath the surface lies the real issue, the deeper unmet needs and desires. “Am I safe to be vulnerable with you?” “Am I good enough for you?” “Will you still be here if we disagree?” In EFT couples counseling, Marissa helps couples move beyond the tip of the iceberg and into the deeper parts of the relationship in a healing and restorative manner. She helps couples understand how daily interactions can trigger deeper needs, fears, and desires in one another, and how a predictable, albeit painful, pattern can develop. Couples are often caught in the same painful cycle, but the content changes. Arguments may occur around finances, parenting, sex, and much more. But it is not just the content that is important – there is something more, something deeper driving these interactions. And we can feel the gap between us and the people we love. As we understand the cycle underneath the surface we can begin to heal patterns that are painful and create new ways of interacting that bring healing, security, and satisfaction.”


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