Getting Married During the Pandemic: How to Stay Safe and Happy

Getting Married During the Pandemic: How to Stay Safe and Happy

According to CDC data, over 2 million couples are getting married each year.

Unfortunately for couples in 2020, those plans might have been derailed due to a recent global pandemic. Earlier this year, fiances likely postponed big wedding celebrations in the hopes that things would turn back around.

However, new cases are still developing which begs the question: Is getting married during a pandemic still an option?

YES! You can still get married and have the wedding of your dreams. Here are some suggestions that will allow you to do it safely.

Cut Down the Guest List

If you’re set on having a wedding during a global pandemic, make some alterations to the guest list.

Consider inviting the closest of your friends and family. Try and keep the guest list under 50 people. If your wedding is taking place in an outdoor venue, you may be allowed to invite more.

It will be easier to follow social distancing protocol and 6 feet apart rules with fewer people in a space meant for large groups.

If you’re concerned about uninviting guests, there are ways to include everyone. Utilize live streaming services like Zoom or Facebook. This method also benefits your guests that are considered high-risk.

Wear a Mask

After making changes to the guest list, the next step is ensuring that everyone in attendance wears a mask!

All masks should cover the mouth and nose. Masks reduce virus spreading by trapping droplets that are released through talking, coughing, and sneezing. It may not create the wedding look you were hoping for, but they’ll keep you and your guests safe.

Sanitizing Stations

Another helpful preventative measure is frequently washing hands or using hand sanitizer.

This is something that can be implemented easily in every wedding venue. Stock the bathrooms with soap and paper towels. Enforce limits on how many guests can be in each bathroom according to size.

Otherwise, offer hand sanitizer throughout the celebration. We suggest placing stations at entrances and exits, as well as on reception tables before food service.


What kind of food did you have planned for your special day? You may have envisioned a self-service or buffet style.

Instead, consider opting for a plated dinner. You can request servers that can take safety precautions before handling any food. To optimize food options, you could provide guests with a menu that allows them to pick from various appetizers, dinners, and desserts, yet still served by designated staff.

Getting Married Without the Wedding

If you don’t feel that a huge wedding is necessary to celebrate your special day, there’s another option to consider! Elopements are trending among COVID-19 couples. This prevents any concern about spreading disease. You can browse for Vegas eloping packages if you’re planning to elope.

Additionally, eloping is cost-efficient and can still be an intimate celebration for the bride and groom.

A year from now, you could use the wedding money to host a reception or vow renewal so you don’t miss out on a chance to celebrate with extended family and friends.

Happy Honeymoon

By following some of these guidelines and exploring wedding alternatives, getting married is still a possibility during the pandemic. All you have to do is find the new wedding plan that works best for you.

After the wedding, the next step will be planning a safe and healthy honeymoon.

For more useful wedding tips and other lifestyle advice, check out the rest of our blog!

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