Falling out of Love: 5 Common Marriage Problems That Show Trouble Is Ahead

Falling out of Love: 5 Common Marriage Problems That Show Trouble Is Ahead

Contrary to popular belief, the rate of divorce has been steadily declining since the 1980s. However, one in four marriages still ends in divorce.

Divorces can happen for a number of reasons: infidelity, gradually falling out of love, or a compilation of marital problems that builds over time. The reality is that a lot of divorces happen because couples don’t catch marriage problems early enough and they become unmanageable.

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So if you and your partner are more aware of warning signs and common marital issues and can catch them before it’s too late, you can potentially prevent a future divorce. Here are 5 common marriage problems to beware of.

1. Trying to Change Your Partner

Compromise is one of the major cornerstones of any relationship. But when you cross the line of compromise and start telling your spouse how to behave and live their life, this is a serious danger sign.

Marriage involves two individuals who choose to experience life together. You can’t expect your spouse to live in exactly the same way as you, or to live as exactly as you want them to.

Give your spouse the space they need to thrive and be happy. If your spouse is happy in their life, your marriage will benefit greatly.

2. Poor Communication

Communication is the most important aspect of marriage. If you and your spouse fail to communicate with each other, there are serious troubles ahead.

Communication means telling your spouse what you want and need from the relationship. It means telling your spouse what is bothering you and how you feel the relationship can improve.

It means sharing your thoughts and feelings so your partner is aware and you both can work together to find the right balance in your relationship. The worst thing you can do is keep all of your emotions bottled up because they will eventually boil over and cause trouble.

3. Losing Sexual Intimacy

It’s no secret that sexual intimacy tends to decline the longer a couple has been together. But just because you aren’t craving sex every day with your partner, doesn’t mean you should just neglect it altogether.

If you realize you and your partner haven’t had sex in several weeks or months, this is a major warning sign that the spark needs to be reignited.

4. Losing Appreciation

When you’re with someone for several years, it’s easy to forget what made you fall so deeply in love with your spouse. You get caught up in the little arguments you have and lose sight of what you really love and appreciate about them.

If you find yourself starting to lose sight of what’s important, make an extra effort to notice things about your spouse that you really appreciate and love to help your spouse fall back in love again.

5. Emotional Infidelity

Every couple knows the damage physical infidelity can cause in a marriage, but emotional infidelity is often seen as even more harmful than sexual infidelity.

Emotional infidelity is when one partner becomes emotionally distant from their spouse, and begins connecting on an emotional level with someone else. When this occurs, one partner will not be getting their needs met because the other partner is connecting with another person instead.

If you are feeling distant from your partner, it’s important to communicate this and seek counseling to rebuild your emotional connection to each other. You can read more here about how counseling can help rebuild your relationship.

Don’t Let Marriage Problems Ruin Your Relationship

While marriage problems are common for any couple, it’s important to catch the most serious ones before they completely ruin your relationship.

Check out our marriage blog for some more helpful tips!

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