4 Ways To Have The Best Experience With Holistic Products

4 Ways To Have The Best Experience With Holistic Products

If you’re exploring holistic health products to enhance your health or for recreation, there are several factors that help you get a better experience. As consumers, it can be confusing with the number of options in the market today, which is understandable. However, if you need help, we’re here for you! Follow our tips below to have the best experience and results in the short and long term!

4 Ways To Have The Best Experience With Holistic Products

  • Know the strains that suit you: There are hundreds of strains when it comes to holistic products like cannabis. However, it can become confusing after a point because each strain has its sets of dominant traits and effects. As a rule of thumb, try to find out where your inclination lies between Sativa and Indica because most strains are hybrids with a mix of the two. While Sativa is excellent for those wanting more energy and creativity, Indica helps to relax and calm. Depending on your need and what your body prefers, research your strains and speak to the experts at the dispensary for better guidance.
  • Address specific conditions over general use: There is a reason why cannabis is being hailed as a miraculous healer. Its compounds have been proven to heal several mental and physical ailments, especially related to cancer research and depression. From stress relief and better sleep to relieving chronic pain in tense muscles, find a concentration or isolate to help you find deep healing. For better help, always read the product descriptions or talk to the dispensary manager for more insight.
  • Follow the dosage instructions: There are several consumers who will tell you how the recommended dosage is not worked for them. This is because everyone is different and may respond differently to holistic products. For this, you can directly ask a budtender at the dispensary about how to dose the products as they are the person with the best knowledge.  For some, the recommended dosage may be a bit too much, while others may need a little more than the average due to their resistance. Start with the lowest dose and test how it helps you and work your way up or down in quantity with your experience. Always remember that this is not a one size fits all situation but depends on your level of tolerance!
  • Get a concentrate instead: While oils and infusions are on the lighter side of products, there are more concentrated ones meant for those who have a clinical condition. For chronic pain, depression, insomnia, or anxiety, trying out concentrates can be of more help, especially if you have a prescription. Additionally, it would also help you if you have a resistance to consuming via smoke or vapor since concentrates come in a variety of products.

Wrapping Up:

Once you figure out the strains that help you the most and find a product that addresses your health concerns, you can start with small doses and build it up to the desired consistency. Finding results may take a few days initially, but with time you’ll be able to live a fuller and healthier life! We hope that this blog helps you find the best way to go about your cannabis journey and make the most of it! For more helpful resources, stay tuned to our blog section.

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