4 Ways To Look Fashionable In Nursing Scrubs

4 Ways To Look Fashionable In Nursing Scrubs

One of the biggest bugbears for a lot of women in medical professions is that there is little room for personality or accessories in their workwear. When you work in a standard office, you get to choose everything from the Hermes scarf you utilize as a belt or headband, to the layers of necklaces that you can wear to jazz up a standard work skirt suit. When you’re a doctor or a nurse, you’re in a very respectable profession, but it’s a rather plain one.

Of course, when you’re saving lives and keeping patients alive, you don’t often think about whether you’re allowed to wear red nail polish or not. You may consider with your spouse buying an infinity silicone ring instead of a standard and traditional wedding band, simply because you can continue wearing it at work without much issue. The thing is, even if you’re in a medical role, you can still be fashionable in the workplace. Nurses often spend all of their time in varying colors of Custom scrubs, which often get in the way of going out with friends after a twelve-hour shift. You may not be able to wear dangly earrings or nose studs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good, right? Right! So, how can you come more fashionable in the workplace when uniform rules don’t allow for it?


You may live in scrubs day to day, but that doesn’t mean they have to be shapeless and boring. There are varying necklines in scrubs, from V-necks to open collar neck scrub tops. Choose the shape that compliments your body types. You can also choose longer scrub tops to go over your hips which can skim over any sins you want to hide. You can even choose wrap-around scrubs that give your body more of a silhouette.


It may be comfortable but stop wearing scrubs in the sizes that are too big for you. All you’re going to achieve is making yourself look larger than you are and give you a complex! Wearing well-fitting scrubs can help you to walk those corridors confidently, thinking tall and looking sleek as you do it.


You may not get a choice of scrub colors depending on whether they dictate your rank or the ward you are working for. However, if you are offered a choice, choose a color that will compliment your skin tone. Long shifts as a nurse are grueling and harsh on the skin, so make wise choices if you are allowed. Layer your scrubs with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath in a contrasting color.


To give your scrub tops a little personal touch, why not get your name, rank, and nursing number embroidered onto your scrubs. You can even buy pins specific to your specialty and add them to your scrub top pocket.

Nursing is a tough profession to be a part of – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look as much the superhero that you are to your patients!

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