The Ultimate Guide To Kids At Weddings

The Ultimate Guide To Kids At Weddings

If you ever receive a wedding invitation, your first question might be whether or not kids are invited. These days, there seems to be a growing trend for weddings to which children are not invited – if this is mentioned on your invitation then all you need to do now is organize some childcare so that your children are looked after on the big day. But what if you are able to take them with you?

If this is the first time you’ve ever been invited to a family-friendly wedding since you’ve had kids, you might be wondering about things like what they should wear and how you are going to entertain them throughout the day. After all, even though weddings are fun and delightful for us adults, it can be a completely different story for kids, and they might end up getting very bored and agitated especially if they are still quite young.

There’s no need to worry too much though – that’s where this blog post comes in! I’ve written my ultimate guide to take your children to weddings. From covering what they should wear to how you can keep them entertained, you should find everything you need covered in this article!

What To Wear?

  • Babies and Toddlers

If your children are still only babies or toddlers, comfort is the main thing to remember when you are getting them ready for the wedding. It’s best not to dress babies in onesies as that will make it harder to get to their nappy when it needs changing. To ensure you can quickly nip to the bathroom and change them without too many issues, find them a cute two-piece outfit so that you can quickly slip off the trousers. If the wedding is going to be outside, it’s wise to put some booties on babies and toddlers, such as these adorable Olive and Bean baby moccasins, so that their feet don’t get too wet if they are crawling around in the grass. Don’t forget the sunscreen either if the weather is going to be outside – you will need to protect your infant’s super sensitive skin!

  • Young Children

As you won’t need to keep on changing young children, you don’t need to worry about their outfits being overly practical. So, it’s ok to keep the emphasis on cuteness! But again, as kids find it easy to get dirty even in a smart setting, such as the wedding, you shouldn’t put them in anything too fancy as there is still a good chance that they will get it all dirty. Girls will be perfectly fine in pretty dresses. If it is going to be a hot day, make sure that the dresses are quite floaty and made out of a loose-fitting material so that they don’t get too hot. It’s also a good idea to take a cardigan with them as it could get cooler as the day draws on. Young boys will look super cute in smart suits. However, this formalwear might end up being slightly too uncomfortable for them, and they could start to complain of it being uncomfortable and too hot. So, it’s worth taking a change of clothes that they can change into ready for the evening party when guests aren’t expected to dress too formally.

  • Preteens

Preteens will be starting to discover and explore their own sense of fashion and style now, so it’s a good idea to let them have some say in the outfits that they wear. Otherwise, you could start some arguments between the two of you when they refuse to wear whatever you give them! Boys will be old enough to be expected to wear formal suits throughout the entire day. They are even old enough to wear a tie now, and they will certainly look all grown up when you see them dressed and ready for the wedding. Girls will still be young enough to wear puffy white dresses without looking like they are trying to upstage the bride, so you might want to encourage them to pick this kind of dress out while they are still able to wear it. If your daughter picks out a completely white dress, you might want to get her to add a bright cardigan so that she doesn’t look like a mini version of the bride.


  1. I wish I had this article 22 years ago before my wedding!!!

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