How To Dress Your Body Type When You’re Plus Size

How To Dress Your Body Type When You’re Plus Size

While we hate to admit it, not everyone is confident dressing up. This feeling is particularly true among plus size women. Add to this negativity the notion that their dressing options are limited, it’s no surprise why women with these body types choose to just stick with the typical clothing styles. It’s time we change that mind-set and start a stylish movement for every size and shape.

To begin, one must identify their body shape to better understand what styles work best for them. Identifying the shape will work as a guideline on how you can look best in what you are wearing. There are a number of body shapes, but the most common of which are pear, apple, hourglass, and rectangle. 

Pear-Shaped Body Type

Most common for plus size women nowadays is the pear shape, which is characterised by narrow shoulders, small defined waist, wide hips, and thick thighs. Pear shapes are considered to be the most common on women today. Some women with pear-shaped body types can also look like they have an hourglass body type. 

While not plus size, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are pear-shaped women celebrities whom you can use as style inspirations for dressing up. The key is to balance out your upper body with your ample bottoms, which can be achieved by wearing fit and flare dresses or printed and detailed tops paired with flat front, high-waist, skinny leg, or boot cut bottoms. You can find your perfect style at plus size dresses australia. Belts or accents in the middle section will highlight the small waist. You will find these features on, for example, some of those light blue prom dresses from Peaches Boutique

It is possible that a person will fall under two shape categories. For example, while majority of women who are apple-shaped boast of ample chests, there are some who have small busts, which are characteristic of pear-shaped women. These women are considered a blend of two body shapes and they have more options for trendy plus size dresses. 

Apple-Shaped Body Type

An apple-shaped body is often mistaken for a pear-shaped body, but the key difference is the area where the person appears heaviest. An apple-shaped person appears heavy in the middle section (the area above the waist), while a pear-shaped person looks heavier below the waist and in the upper thighs. If you describe your body as “top heavy,” you most likely have an apple-shaped body type. 

The most common characteristics of an apple shape are a full bust, an undefined waist, narrow hips, a flat bottom, and slim arms and legs. A celebrity with an apple-shaped body type is Rebel Wilson, who knows that fitted dresses that expose her collarbone and show off her legs are flattering ways to dress for the apple-shaped body type. Fit and flare, strapless, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, mid-rise skinny jeans, and tailored pieces are also great for this body type.

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