5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Helmet for Your Kind of Ride

5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Helmet for Your Kind of Ride

Motorcycles are known for the thrill and passion of a free-spirited lifestyle. Every rider loves their bike but their safety on the road is extremely crucial to enjoying the time on the road. The importance of wearing a helmet while riding cannot be exaggerated enough.

A helmet can be one of the most important aspects of riding. Whether you ride your bike for the daily commute or for adventure activities, a helmet is a must. However, it is important to choose the right type of helmet. With the number of options in the market, it could become confusing to make the right decision.

Given below are few tips to help you pick the helmet that is perfect for your ride.


Helmets provide protection in case of an accident or a fall. Every helmet has four components which include the outer shell, the impact-absorbing liner, a comfort padding, and a retention system. The quality of the helmet can be determined based on these four protection features. The outer layer will help lessen the blow of the force before it hits your head. It is made of fiber-reinforced composites.

The comfort padding is the interior layer that touches your head and ensures that the helmet fits well. The impact-absorbing layer absorbs the shock and reduces the power of a hard hit on your head. Lastly, the retention system is the chin strap which ensures that the helmet remains fit on your head during an accident. You can read this to understand how a good quality helmet can help you claim compensation in case of accident. When you select a helmet for your ride, you need to consider these four features and run thorough tests on it. You need to try the helmet and test the fit.


Available in different designs, the helmet should be comfortable to wear. A full-face helmet will cover the entire head and face. Alternatively, there is an open-face helmet which is like the full-face type but will not include the moveable face shield. You might have to buy a snap-on face shield that can withstand an accident if you buy this helmet. The third is the half helmet which only protects the top of your head and is not recommended for bike riders.


The most important aspect of buying a helmet is getting the size right. It is a lot more than small, medium, and large. You need to try the helmet to make the right pick. It should feel slightly tight but should not put too much pressure on your head. It should adjust to the shape of your head and should not feel loose. You may be required to consult a size chart to see which size fits you best.


Purchase a helmet that fulfills the guidelines laid out by the DOT in the United States or SNELL and SHARP to use at Roller Derby Heaven – Skates or anywhere else.  These are individual agencies, ECE in Europe, and Indian Standard Institute (ISI certified helmets). These certifications are optimum for helmet safety and will ensure complete safety and security. Moreover, go for ISI-certified helmets, and avoid the use of sub-standard helmets that compromise your safety.


Try the helmet and see how it feels on your head. It should be light in weight but heavy enough to keep you safe in case of an accident. If the helmet feels heavy on the head, you might want to look for a lightweight alternative. The helmet might feel heavy when you hold it in your hand, but it should not feel extremely heavy when worn. The weight of the helmet is due to the outer shell which protects you from a hard hit.

Do not opt for a helmet based on its visual appearance. You should not compromise on any of the above-mentioned features. A poorly made helmet may save money now, but it can cost much higher in the future.

When investing in a helmet, you are investing for your own safety and security on the road. It is best always to wear a helmet even if you are going on a short ride. Roads are an unpredictable place and two-wheelers at a higher risk of receiving damage in an accident.

Two-Wheeler Insurance

While your safety is paramount, and it makes all the sense to choose your protection gears mindfully, you should also pay attention to the insurance plan for your bike. Two-wheeler insurance comes with an added cover for the rider (owner).

Two-wheeler insurance is not just to save you from challan but also covers your injury expenses. You can even increase this amount for a nominal premium for better coverage. The best part is, that you can buy a new two-wheeler insurance policy online.


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