All Over Tan with TanThrough® Line of Swimwear

All Over Tan with TanThrough® Line of Swimwear

Having recently returned from a vacation at the beach, I wanted to look like I returned from a vacation at the beach. That’s when I started checking out the options available and that’s how I discovered the TanThrough® line of swimwear. I was immediately interested in swimwear for a number of reasons.

All Over Tan with TanThrough® Line of Swimwear

The first being no tan lines. Having an all-over tan meant I could wear any of my sundresses, shorts, and even tank tops without having to cover up unsightly tan lines. And they come in male and female styles which were also a big selling point. There were several styles to choose from in both gender lines and I was happy to discover they offered one-piece suits for me & shirts as well as swim shorts. They have bikini styles in both the male and female lines for the bolder shoppers. My bikini days are over ;).

Of course, the price was a factor as well. Buying a quality made swimsuit under $100 is rare these days. It’s expensive to go on vacation and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my swimwear, I’d rather spend it having fun. And fun we did have. Before the tropical storm moved in, but that’s a whole other post.

Another feature that I really liked was that I could stay comfortable while tanning because the suits, shorts, and shirts are lightweight, comfortable, and dry extremely quickly which was helpful when you only take one swimsuit as I did. We’d swim in the pool during the day, go to the beach or just walk around to see all there was to see, then after dinner, we’d swim in the pool again. I was starting to feel a little waterlogged by the end of our trip, but having fast-drying swimwear is definitely the way to travel.

All Over Tan with TanThrough® Line of Swimwear

Of course, I saved the best for last, this unique line of swimsuits works like a medium-level SPF Sunscreen. This basically means you don’t have to slather messy sunscreen on your skin to get the SPF you need to keep from burning. The unique fabric that they make their swimwear and shirts with makes it possible by using Microsol V, a super lightweight fabric that lets sunlight through while working as a medium-level sunscreen, eliminating the need for messy oils and lotions. Tada. If that doesn’t sell you on my new favorite swimwear line, I just don’t know what will. Click on my above or below link to learn more and purchase your own TanThrough® for your next vacation.


  1. What a clever concept! I I didn’t know this was even a thing – so cool!

  2. I really hate tan lines. They just look ugly with strapless dresses, etc.

  3. My niece did too when we went on vacation this year. They were crazy, lol.

  4. You’re welcome and thank you as well.

  5. Thank you for your visit and comment. They’re really cute.

  6. Wow….these look good, Terri! Thank you for sharing.

  7. I’ll definitely consider them. This is just perfect for summer. Thanks for the info. Great post.

  8. This is a good idea. I had the weirdest lines ever last year and I do not want that to happen again haha.

  9. I never knew this existed, but it sounds amazing! I hate tan lines.

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