5 Tips for New Runners

2020 has seen many people start running as the pandemic changed their exercise habits. Running is a fantastic form of exercise and one which can drastically improve your physical and mental health, but many people are finding it hard to get started, especially if they have not done much running or exercise before. You should not give up as it does get easier after the challenging early stages and can become an important and enjoyable part of your life. 

Here are a few tips for new runners which will hopefully help you fall in love with this great activity.

  1. Track Your Progress with An App

As with any new activity, it is always helpful for motivation to track your progress as this allows you to see how you are developing. There are many great running apps which can track all kinds of different details about your run and have a range of features. Therefore, finding a good app is an important step for a beginner.

  1. Run for Distance Not Time

You should not pressure yourself into running for a certain time and instead try to reach a particular distance. When time is not an issue, it allows you to slow down and enjoy the run. Additionally, do not worry about stopping and walking while you catch your breath. This is something that all beginners will need to do and you will gradually be able to build up how long you can run without stopping with regular training.

  1. Slow Down

Following this, one of the most common tips that you see experienced runners pass down to those that are really struggling is simply to slow their pace. It is amazing what difference this can make and often you will be able to run a faster time when you slow down without stopping (slow and steady wins the race!).

  1. Use Compression Socks

Running can take its toll on your legs, especially when you first start out. Black compression socks can help with recovery by increasing blood circulation to the legs for better performance and faster recovery, which should help you run multiple times throughout the week. Running three times a week is about right for new runners and will give you enough time to recover while still building up your fitness levels.

  1. Avoid Overdoing It

However, you should not push yourself too much when you first start because this can lead to injury and stop you from enjoying the activity. It is frustrating when you hear about other people running much further than you, but you need to realize that it simply takes time to build up your fitness levels and the best way to get there is with regular training. Additionally, remember that recovery days are just as important as running, so give yourself enough time to recover between runs.

If you are struggling with running, these tips should come in handy. It is notoriously difficult at the start, but once you start to see improvements, you will learn to love running and find that it benefits both your physical and mental well-being.

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