Lyme disease is a disease that is usually caught by catching a tick which has some bacteria in them. Ticks are small organisms that are usually found in areas that are wood like or particularly grassy areas. Antibiotics are generally the preferred treatment method for this ailment. Almost in all cases, a two to four week prescription of antibiotics will get rid of this disease. In the more severe cases, there might be the need for a higher dosage or intravenous antibiotics. 

Even after being treated with antibiotics, around 20% of those affected by the disease will continue to exhibit symptoms. This type of condition has been labelled as chronic Lyme disease. While there isn’t a general consensus as to the cause of this, many believe it has to do with the response of the immune system. 

So, can other natural treatments for the condition help? Many experts believe so. Below we will discuss some remedies you can take if you or a loved one has become afflicted by the condition. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are quickly becoming a go to liquid for its numerous benefits. Some types of essential oils have been proven to help with getting better sleep and reducing anxiety or restlessness among people. The benefits of essential oils are multifold. It has also been proven to be effective in fighting off Lyme disease. Essential oils are basically very densely concentrated liquids from different plants. Some varieties of essential oils have properties that make them antibacterial, which essentially means that they are a very good method to fight bacteria. 

A study that took place in 2017 found that some essential oils have the ability to kill the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. These are essential oils that are made from the bark of cinnamon, the bud of clove and essential oils made from oregano. These types of essential oils have been proven to kill off the bacteria and stop them from regrowing. 


Supplements are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Our diets, more often than not, will not consist of all the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed. So supplements are a great way to give your body and mind all the fuel that it needs for optimum performance. 

Supplements have also been thought of as being an effective method to fight off Lyme disease. The reasoning here is that it boosts the performance of your immune system. In doing so, there is enough reason to think that it may be able to ward off Lyme disease. 

Some common supplements that are able to do this include B-1 vitamin, vitamin c, magnesium, fish oil, garlic turmeric etc. The belief that these can get rid of Lyme disease is purely anecdotal. But why not give your body the goodness of these vitamins and minerals in any case, they can help maintain a stable immune system and better performance of both the mind and body. 

Oxygen therapy for Lyme disease

Oxygen therapy is a type of therapy where the subject is exposed to 100 percent oxygen that is being sprayed at a very high pressure. In most cases it is done in a room called the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This type of exposure to pure oxygen has been known to heal wounds and also provides a lot of other benefits. 

This treatment method is not based on a wide body of research on their efficacy in treating Lyme disease. There is, however, the one instance of a report from Taiwan that proposed that oxygen therapy had been effective in fighting off Lyme disease in a patient who was not getting better with just antibiotics. So there’s that but it is very important to point out here that a lot more research needs to be conducted to safely conclude that this is an effective treatment method for Lyme disease. 

Chelation therapy

A growing number of people believe that Lyme disease often becomes pronounced in a person who has a condition of heavy metal toxicity, usually from substances such as lead or mercury. This type of therapy is very good at getting rid of heavy metals from a patient’s bloodstream. 

This type of therapy is usually accomplished with the help of medication that is basically  a chelator or a chelating agent. What this medication does is that it ties itself to metals in the patient’s bloodstream which then becomes a compound, goes through the kidneys and is processed by it and is ultimately released through urine. 

This type of therapy is very effective in combating a buildup of heavy metals in the bloodstream. One thing to point out here is that, there does not exist scientific evidence that heavy metals are responsible for Lyme disease and as such, this therapy method will not be that effective in treating the root cause of Lyme disease. 

Light Therapy

Another method of therapy that is quickly becoming an accessible and affordable option is light therapy. This therapy has been through the ranks of a bunch of peer reviewed studies, so this therapy is under a great deal of scrutiny which it has passed. 

Therapy of this kind which involved near infrared energy that has a noticeable impact on our bodies. This type of light therapy is also present in the rays of sunlight and it is important to mention here that our physical bodies have evolved in a manner that helps us make the best use of this light. This type of therapy produces an effect in our bodies that is felt almost instantaneously. This light reaches the very deep part of our tissues and is able to promote healing, easing of pain and overall better circulation. As such, it has also been used to treat lyme disease as this light can penetrate deep into the tissue and help deal with the bacterias responsible. 

Lyme disease is a very undesired and potentially complex disease that we can do without. The methods listed in this article can greatly help in combating this disease.