3 Rules To Live By For A Healthier Life

3 Rules To Live By For A Healthier Life

Sometimes, it’s good to have a few simple rules to follow in life. They help you find more structure and give you things to believe in and strive towards. If you want to live a much healthier and happier life, there are three rules you should follow: 

Rule 1: Do what makes you happy

Too many people go through life doing whatever pleases other people. You want to be a people pleaser, but it tends to mean you’re left with much unfulfillment or unhappiness. Instead, start doing what makes you happy. Forget about what other people say or how they might react: put your happiness as a top priority. 

It can seem selfish, but it’s not in the slightest. Effectively, you are just looking after your own mental health. It’s a straightforward way to approach everything in life. If you see something that makes you happy, go ahead and do it. 

Rule 2: Eat the rainbow

When it comes to living healthily, you must control your diet. We’re all a bit guilty of slipping into bad habits. So, how can we move away from unhealthy foods and live a better life? There are countless food trends out there that come and go, claiming to offer the secret to optimal health. To be honest, they’re all a load of rubbish! 

In reality, you should follow one rule: eat the rainbow. Eat as many different colors as possible every single day. It sounds weird, but the more you do it the more you realize how effective it is. Eating the rainbow will naturally mean you eat more fruit and vegetables. It makes your meals more interesting – and way healthier. You will end up packing your body full of all the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive. 

Rule 3: Visit your doctor

The final rule is one we’re all guilty of neglecting. Nobody wants to pester their doctor – and I’m not saying you should! However, it’s good practice to visit your doctor maybe once a year or so for a health screening. Take your kids too, as you can see on https://www.inspire-texas.com/, some primary care physicians will see adults and children together. Getting checkups will help you learn more about your health while spotting any problems before they develop into serious long-term health issues. 

Moreover, if you feel sick, see a doctor. Even if you think you know why you’re sick, a doctor can confirm the diagnosis. Worst case scenario, you were right and it was just a minor problem. In the best case scenario, they run tests and discover something serious. But, because you went to see them, you’ve caught the problem very early and it’s easily treatable. 

These three rules should be followed by everyone – provided you want to live a healthier life. As a result, you’ll also feel much happier as you’re in a better place physically and mentally. It’s all about doing what makes you happy, eating the rainbow, and not being afraid to see your doctor for regular health checkups. 

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