5 Underrated Reasons to Have a Beach House Wedding

5 Underrated Reasons to Have a Beach House Wedding

5 Underrated Reasons to Have a Beach House Wedding

If your dream wedding includes sand beneath your toes, this will only make you want it more.

Getting married on a beach is a popular choice for couples. Destination weddings make up 25% of marriage celebrations. This number comes as no surprise to those who’ve gone this route.

You can have the lifestyle of your dreams, beginning with your dream ceremony. If you’re trying to decide the best venue for you, keep reading. Here are five underrated reasons to have a beach house wedding.

1. Can Double as a Honeymoon

When you choose a beach house wedding, it can double as a honeymoon destination. There are benefits to planning to celebrate in the same location your honeymoon. One main reason is that you’ll be able to splurge more on the important details and enjoy the moment.

Another reason this is an underrates reason to have a beach house wedding is that you can make it a family affair. If you have children, this can make it easier to enjoy your honeymoon. However, don’t be afraid to spend some alone time together too.

2. Romantic and Intimate

When you think of a romantic and intimate ceremony, a beach house wedding is usually at the top of the list. The setting is beautiful, the sounds of nature surround you, and you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

You and your spouse can get married first thing in the morning as the sunrise light up your new life together. Or, you can enjoy dancing under the stars with the sand between your toes. With beach weddings, you can have it all done your way without having to put forth much effort.

3. Perfect for Laid Back Couples

If you’re not interested in spending a lot of time or money on decorations, then a beach house wedding may be the perfect choice for you. Beach weddings off serene views with or without decorations. Thankfully, you don’t need many items to get the vibe you’re going for.

This is perfect for laid back couples not looking to stress out over the minor details. You can string a few lights or embellish the aisle to enhance the destination. Or, you can just enjoy the moment without any decorations around.

4. Flawless Photos and Memories

When you choose to have a beach house wedding, you’re gaining a flawless backdrop for all your wedding photos. No matter the angle or lighting, you’ll find something beautiful in every image. There’s no place like the ocean.

Depending on how adventurous you’re both feeling, you can take photos in the water for a once in a lifetime snapshot. If your attire is too sensitive for adventure, you can snap a few shots with the ocean in the background. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll both be happy you chose to share a beach house wedding.

5. Loved Ones Can All Enjoy Destination

What better reason to plan a vacation than for a destination wedding? No longer will your loved ones have to travel to a wedding just to stay in a cheap motel nearby. At your wedding, you can share the moment with your family members and close friends without having to feel guilty about their travels.

When you’re planning a ceremony that can be beneficial for everyone involved, a beach house wedding has it all. Everyone can take in the sights and enjoy the moment. Your guests will be able to stay and play before and after the celebrations, putting them in a better mood than ever before.

Preparing for a Beach House Wedding

You can’t expect your ceremony to plan itself. Whether or not you’re hiring an event planner, you should know what to expect. Some ways you can prepare for a beach house wedding include:

  • Learn the laws regarding events on the beach
  • Obtain mandatory permits
  • Pay any fees
  • Speak with nearby hotels about discounts for wedding parties
  • Require RSVPs for optimal planning
  • Search for travel deals and share with guests

There are many more ways to properly prepare for a beach house wedding. You should first check local laws and regulations for your destination.

Tips for Budgeting the Smart Way

When you’re planning your dream wedding, the budget should be followed as closely as possible. This will save you from wasting money on needless items or unexpected costs. It can also help you pull together enough dough to splurge on extras to make your ceremony shine bright like your diamond.

Whether you’re planning on paying for the entire wedding yourselves, covering the cost of wedding party attire, or focusing on a smaller budget, you should plan accordingly. By combining your wedding and honeymoon, you can save even more. Your wedding can be affordable and intimate with a beach house wedding.

Why Choose the Outer Banks in North Carolina?

The outer banks in North Carolina are the barrier islands between the Atlantic and mainland. You can have a beautiful ceremony on the open sea beaches with your family and friends. Your honeymoon can be spent diving at shipwreck sites.

The Outer Banks is the perfect place to kick off your next big adventure: marriage. You and your new spouse will cherish the memories for the rest of your life together. You can learn more about creating the perfect
beach house wedding with the help of Carolina Designs.

Enjoy Your Happily Ever After

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’ve read these five underrated reasons to have a beach house wedding, you can move forward to the next step of planning your dream wedding. It’s time to enjoy your happily ever after with the one you love.

With proper planning, you and your guests can enjoy all the benefits of this choice of location. You can explore our blog a little longer for additional wedding advice and relationship tips. Your new spouse will thank you for the effort you contributed from the very beginning.

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