How to Choose a Vancouver Natural Makeup and Bridal Hair Artist?

How to Choose a Vancouver Natural Makeup and Bridal Hair Artist?

Are you a bride-to-be? Every bride dreams of looking elegant and glamorous on her big day. 

In order to look marvelous when tying the knot, you should ask for the assistance of a bridal makeup and hair artist. These professionals have the skills to transform women into the gorgeous brides they’ve always dreamed of being. There is a myriad of parlors, such as Beauty en Route in Vancouver, providing luxurious makeup and hair services.

The tips below will help you hire the best artist.

Start early

The search for the right bridal makeup artist should commence early, at least eight months prior to the big day. Most makeup artists already have a professional acrylic makeup organiser afterpay, but if you’re interested in starting your own career in this field, check them out before you make any purchase.  You’re supposed to take note of the work of these professionals by analyzing the look of brides when attending weddings or any other friend/relative whose appearance you found appealing. 

Once you come across a natural look that seems glamorous, make sure you ask for the name of the artist. Afterward, you should search for his/her online portfolio to assess the talent of this professional through various looks. Also, you’re suggested to research makeup styles until you come across a couple of favorites. Make sure you download some photographs to show the artist, as these can be an excellent source of inspiration. 

It’s paramount for the style you opt for to be natural and not overly different from your everyday self. You shouldn’t look like a stranger or feel uncomfortable when walking down the aisle. Makeup is supposed to boost your confidence by enhancing your natural beauty, not transforming you into another person. Check out these wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride. 

Do research

The following step of your journey should be doing research on the skills and experience of bridal artists. The majority of these professionals have their portfolios posted on social media for brides-to-be to see their work. Nevertheless, portfolios aren’t the only aspect to consider before reaching out to them. 

How to Choose a Vancouver Natural Makeup and Bridal Hair Artist?

In order to get behind-the-scenes details, you should read reviews from former clients. These reviews share the experience of brides with their artists, such as discovering whether they showed up on time on the big day, charged the bride with extra costs, etc. Keep in mind that brides don’t miss the chance of writing a negative review in the event of having their bridal look ruined. At this point, you should also check the references you got from other brides. 

Get in touch with the candidates

After narrowing down your list of Vancouver makeup and hair artists, waste no time reaching out to them. You should get in touch with them by writing a message or an email, where you’ll introduce yourself, including the wedding date and venue. Make sure to inquire about their packages, pricing, and availability. 

Moreover, you should receive a response within two days, not wait for weeks to hear back from them. If you like the response, the next step involves scheduling an appointment with the artists. A face-to-face meeting is indispensable for receiving a response to all the questions you have on your mind. The following link,, includes ten questions to ask your bridal makeup artist. 

How to Choose a Vancouver Natural Makeup and Bridal Hair Artist?

Schedule a trial run

Scheduling a bridal trial is of the utmost importance for brides-to-be, as they need to test the work of the makeup and hair artist. It’s important for these professionals to use the same products they plan to apply to your skin on the big day. 

The best way to test the duration and quality of your makeup look is by scheduling a photo shoot on the day of the trial run. Nevertheless, bear in mind that most Vancouver artists charge for these trials. 

Consider your hair

Although the main accent of brides is placed on their makeup, their hair should be styled to perfection as well. If possible, you should hire a makeup artist that doubles as a hairstylist to achieve a harmonious look. Remember to check the hair portfolio of the stylist so as not to end up disappointed by his/her hairstyling skills. 

How to Choose a Vancouver Natural Makeup and Bridal Hair Artist?


Hire an experienced, skilled, and devoted professional.

You deserve to look fabulous on your wedding day!

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