5 YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

5 YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

Having spent the last year and a half indoors due to COVID-19 I have spent more time on YouTube than I probably should admit.  Finding unique YouTubers was a challenge but I managed to do it. Usually, when someone starts making money at something there are a lot of copycats.

These YouTubers do have a few copycats but they’ve still managed to keep their channels entertaining and unique.

1. Pixie Hunter Erwin Saunders

The first channel I want to mention is Erwin Saunders.  He’s your eccentric grandpa hunting pixies in one of the most beautiful forests ever.  I’m certain he uses computer-generated images as his pixies but who cares.  He pulls everyone in and by the end of his videos, you can almost believe the pixies are real.  There are some who even do believe. When I need to unwind his channel is the first one I go to.  He doesn’t have a lot of videos but he doesn’t seem to need them as his following keeps climbing. I don’t have a grandpa and never knew either of mine, but if I could pick one, he’d be it.

2. Belgium Explorers Bros Of Decay

These next guys are known as Bros Of Decay are not so much unique as it seems everyone is now trying to get in on finding abandoned buildings and everything left behind, but they were one of the firsts to start this type of channel and their finds are incredible and interesting. Even though urban exploration is not new on YouTube, these guys make time travel an adventure you don’t want to miss. They travel through Europe and document their finds of castles, mentions, homes, and even towns that have been abandoned and show everything left behind.  It’s an adventure back in time.

3. Ghost Town Living in 1865 Town

This next channel is known as Ghost Town Living is about a guy who bought an entire ghost town and has been living in it and trying to restore it back to the way it was back in 1865.  It’s complete with silver mines, ghosts, and more.  What you won’t find in Cerro Gordo is running water.  I’ve been following along from the beginning and I felt a sense of pride when Brent made it to his first year (and still going strong).

4. Lone Fox Your Daily Dose of DIY

If DIY projects are what you’re looking for, Drew from Lone Fox has them.  Although there are a lot of DIY YouTubers, he is unique in his style which makes him stand out. He uses color schemes I would have never thought to combine.  Creating dollar tree DIY projects is one of the things he’s good at, as well. Thanks to Lone Fox, I’ve become a fan of Benjamin Moore’s paint. In most cases, you only need one coat.

5. Primitive Survival

This last suggestion for today is the incredibly interesting Primitive Survival channel.  These guys head to the forest, leaving everything modern behind, and create living spaces and more.  They show how they build everything and what natural resources they use.  It’s mind-boggling how much they know about primitive living.

These are my 5 picks for today. Which channel of my selections is now your new favorite?

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