YouTube intros are gaining popularity recently. Nowadays, it has become evident to make an intro and add it at the start of your YouTube videos. There are various incredible applications available in the market. The YouTube video editors you never knew about are the applications that will help you in making your YouTube video intros attractive and perfect. Here, we will tell you how you can make a fun and smart intro for your YouTube channel. However, before that, here is something you need to know as well. Before telling you to make an intro, here we will describe what an intro is and why you need the best intros for your Channel. 

What is an intro?

An intro is a 15 to 30 seconds long video that tells the name of the Channel and tells the audience a little bit about the Channel. Sometimes an intro is an animated logo of the Channel. No matter what your intro is, you have to make it enjoyable so that the people do not get bored while watching your intro and move to the next video from another channel. 

Now, why do we need these intros for your Channel?

Intros are the very best thing you can add to your Channel. There are various reasons behind adding an interesting intro to every video on your Channel. Here is why:

Intros make people interested in the Channel: Intros are one of the best things to drag the attention of your audience towards your Channel. There are various free online intro and outro maker applications available in the market that can get you some of the best channel intros for videos on YouTube. You can make your new intro for your Channel without many complications. So opt for an intro for your Channel. Try them today. 

Intros will keep people on your Channel: If you have an interesting intro for your Channel, you have everything you need to keep the audience stuck to your Channel. The interesting intros will keep the audience on your Channel. Then they will bring more audiences and this way you are going to make your Channel famous and increase your views. 

So these are some incredible benefits you will have by adding intros to your YouTube channel. 

Now you know about the intros and how they benefit the Channel you are trying to grow, here are some of the important tips you need to know while making the intro videos for your Channel.

How to construct the best intro for your Channel?

As we have already said, there are various free online software to make some of the best intros for your Channel. Software like Invideo is one of the best software to create some incredible intros for your Channel. Here in this segment of the article, we will tell you the steps you can follow to make your intro attractive. Hang tight with us to know more about bringing more customers and increase your views to your Channel. 

There are a few things that make a YouTube intro perfect. These are:

  •   Keeping it short: People nowadays get distracted very easily. Hence, it is recommended to keep your intro within 15 seconds. However, some people also make their intro 15 to 20 seconds long. That is acceptable, as well. But if you make an intro for more than 20 seconds, it will not be good. People will get distracted and either skip the intro or will skip your video. So trying to keep your intro less than 15 seconds is the best option. 
  •   Explain what they will get: An intro is the starting of your video. Thus, explain to your audience what they are going to get from the Channel and its content in these first few seconds. These first few seconds is your time to grab the attention of your viewers. If you successfully grab your audience’s attention in these first few seconds, they will wait till the end of your video. Hence try to explain how you are planning to entertain your audience in these first few seconds. You can consider adding voice-overs to your intro videos using text-to-speech tools that can make your videos more engaging and attractive.
  •   Reflecting your brand: This is another important thing you need to give special attention to if you are a brand trying to sell your products. Even if you are a normal YouTube entertainer, you should make your unique brand logo and make your unique music so that people will recognize your Channel or brand as soon as they watch your videos. So this is another important thing you should keep an eye on. 
  •   Delight and surprise: Your intro should be delightful and surprising at the same time. This is the best way to draw your viewer’s attention. An intro has to be very engaging visually to get the attention of your audience. Using short scenes, bright colors, animated logos, and such other things will make your audience delighted for sure. So delight your audience with these incredible options. 

Now that you know about these tips, here are some other tips you should follow while making intros for your YouTube channel:

  •   Creating an animated logo of your brand: As we have already stated earlier, creating a logo for your brand is the best way to draw your audience’s attention. Try this today.
  •   Consistency is the key: Creating intros by yourself is a really tough job. Hence while doing this, remember that consistency is the main key. Making an intro is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing. But don’t flood them too much in it. Remember, these intros are only going to be a few seconds long only. 
  •   Have your intro lined up with the brand’s name: There are a lot of things in your mind when you are making an intro for your YouTube channel. But you should never miss this tip no matter how busy you are. Always keep your brand’s name lined up with the intro.

So these are some of the tips you need to know while making the intro for your YouTube channel. Follow these tips to make a classic intro for your YouTube channel.Tube