I Bought A Core Instant Tent

I Bought A Core Instant Tent

When I decided to downsize, I gave everything away.  Even my furniture because I knew I had to buy smaller sizes.  And by everything, I mean my camping gear as well.

Admittedly it’s so much easier for me with my back issues to just rent a yurt or even a treehouse for a few days.  Georgia has some of the best spots to go glamping I’ve ever seen. I don’t even have to leave the state to fulfill my wanderlust. These rentals pretty much have everything anyone could possibly want or need to enjoy some time with nature.

But I get wanderlust during times when these rentals are full.  The kind of wanderlust you feel deep in your soul. It’s a need to travel immediately that I couldn’t explain if I had to.  I don’t want to have to plan months ahead on when I want to go camping or glamping.  Besides, I never know when my back is going to go on shutdown, and when that happens, I’m stuck in bed for a few days.  When my back is able to handle traveling and the mood hits, I want to pack up and go.  Right then.  Right there.

I’ve been working on what I need to start over with camping gear and I finally decided on a tent. This was not an easy decision.  It finally came down to the ease of setting it up, the weight, and the height before I made my final decision.

I considered a different tent for several months but it was 10 pounds heavier which would mean I’d have to buy a lift of some sort to get it in and out of my vehicle as well as a wagon to cart it to my camping spot.  In the end, I knew that with that much effort having to go into every one of my camping and glamping trips, I’d go less and that would defeat the purpose of going when I wanted to.


I bought a lightweight instant tent. More specifically, the Core 6 person instant cabin tent.  I chose this tent for several reasons.

I Bought A Core Instant Tent

  1.  It’s lightweight for a tent.
  2.  It has a simple 60-second setup.
  3.  The price was right (I bought a like-new open box tent).
  4.   It has wall organizers.
  5.   It’s 72 inches tall.
  6.   It’s 11 x 9 foot making it roomy for solo travel.
  7.   It has H2O block technology.
  8.   It has ground vents.

I’m a small person so a twin air mattress will be a perfect size for me and my Chihuahua.  That leaves room for a nightstand aka table (already bought), my DIY porta-potty, my luggage, food, k-cup coffee maker, and anything else I decide to take.

Check it out in the below video and let me know if you think I made the right decision.  It won’t arrive until the first week of August but I couldn’t wait until then to share my excitement.  My family and dear friends can attest to the fact that I’ve been trying to decide on a tent since the start of COVID, 2020.  I dived in deep into all of the pros and cons of every tent available.

I made a DIY potty for my night needs. Because I do travel alone unless you count my dog Peanut, I don’t want to stray far from my tent at night.  Everything else I’ve stocked up on I’ve been buying from Etsy to eBay to Amazon.

My Amazon glamping wish list is still pretty long and once I downsize it to better fit my budget, I’ll be ready for some wanderlust adventures.

My first trip probably won’t be before October.  We have gnats here in Georgia and if you don’t know what gnats are, I envy you.  They can make outdoor adventures a nightmare.

Be watching for my glamping and camping adventures.  I wish COVID wasn’t rearing its ugly head again because I would love to go camping with some of you that live in Georgia. I would feel semi-safe sitting around the campfire with a small group if I knew everyone was vaccinated.  If you’ve been vaccinated and think you’d like to do a camping meet-up sometime, let me know.

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