8 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Disney World

8 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Disney World

Do you plan to visit Disney World soon? Don’t jump in without some planning! There is a lot to know before visiting Disney World!

Going to Disney World blind is a quick ticket to disappointment and exhaustion. It’s not like any other theme park where you can walk around and pick a ride. It’s a bustling wonderland and you’ll need to keep a few tips in mind to ensure you have fun.

The good news is we’ve already got you covered. Read our guide below for eight things you need to know before visiting Disney World.

1. Know Your Parks

The first thing you need to know when visiting Disney World is that there are too many places to check out.

First, there are four main parks: EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. There are also two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

If you’re thinking of the park with the big castle, that’s Magic Kingdom. The park with the big ball in the center is the iconic EPCOT. Hollywood Studios is where you’ll find attractions dedicated to Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Toy Story. Animal Kingdom is not a zoo but it does feature a ton of animal attractions.

Disney World also includes a multitude of hotels, some managed by the Disney Corporation and some that aren’t. Within the area are several shopping districts and minor attractions too, like a golf course.

2. Disney World is Big

Disney World isn’t simply one place to go through. It’s a collection of parks and attractions that span across two cities and covers over 25,000 acres.

Getting from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom can take an hour. Sure, it’s only a few minutes away by car or monorail but consider the lines and entrance procedures along the way too. You’ll want to plan your whole stay and the routes you’ll take to make sure you see as much as you can.

3. Book Your Hotel Early

If you can, book your hotels as soon as you can. Knowing where to stay in Disney World should be your first order of business.

Keep in mind there are multiple types of hotels available. There are the official Disney-sponsored hotels and the non-Disney hotels that are still within the park’s area.

Disney hotels come in three flavors: budget, mid-tier, and deluxe. Of course, the deluxe hotels are the most expensive. However, you may get better perks like advanced dining reservations and scheduled transportation rides.

If you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), you can also check out some of the exclusive villas. Don’t hesitate to check here for the boardwalk villas DVC can offer.

4. Advanced Dining Reservation

You’ll want to book your hotel stay early but you’ll want to book your dining reservations even earlier. Due to the pandemic, you can only book dining up to 60 days in advance but under normal circumstances, you can go up to 120 days ahead.

That’s how competitive it is to get a table!

Take your time to go over the different restaurants, cafes, and hotel dining menus. Plan where you’ll eat and try to reserve tables as early as you can. Plan your rides and other attractions around your dining reservations to fit everything in a nice schedule.

5. Get FastPass Plus

Nobody likes waiting in line. With FastPass Plus, you can skip the line for three attractions per day. It’s basically a quick-ticket service to cut down the time spent waiting during your Disney World vacation.

Note: FastPass Plus is currently unavailable due to the ongoing pandemic. Make it a habit to check Disney World’s services page to grab it as soon as it becomes available again.

6. My Disney Experience

Before your trip to Disney World, get the My Disney Experience app! It’s the most useful tool you can keep in your pocket. This simple app lets you check things like the waiting time for rides, schedules for your reserved dinners, and the available transportation within your area.

This app can help you plan your whole stay, before and during your stay. If you plan to visit Disney World with kids, this app can significantly reduce waiting time and ensures you don’t waste time getting lost or late.

If you have an iPhone, you may want to try out the new MagicMobile app. It replaces the NFC wristband people wear to access park rides and more.

7. You Can’t Explore Everything

It doesn’t matter if you’re at Disney World for a week or two. You could spend ten days there and still not see everything. There are simply too many attractions, rides, events, and sections of each park for someone to explore in a single visit.

Instead of trying to see everything, list down the must-see attractions and schedule your stay around those specific points. This guarantees you’ll at least get to experience what you want and not waste time peeking at stuff you’re not interested in.

8. Plan Plan Plan

Take the time to discern when’s the best time to visit Disney World. Schedule everything as far back as you can. Book your hotel stay, ADR, and take advantage of FastPass Plus when it’s available.

If you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club or other service perks, take advantage of them! Use whatever you can to get discounts, early booking, free parking, and better transportation to and fro the parks.

Follow These Tips When Visiting Disney World

Visiting Disney World can seem like a stressful ordeal. Planning and getting around such a huge collection of parks isn’t a one-day task. Fortunately, these tips can guarantee an easier time and you’ll be able to enjoy your stay at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Take advantage of every tool you have. Book ahead, know your schedules, use the mobile apps available, and plan which attractions to see.

However, planning your trip to Disney World is only the beginning. Learn which attractions are worth seeing, which services to pay for, and more by reading our other in-depth lists and guides right here, today!

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