8 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Look by Adding a Splash of Color

8 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Look by Adding a Splash of Color

Women (and men) often stick with neutral tones when it comes to their clothing choices as they don’t feel they are good at mixing and matching colors and creating polished looks. However, this does not mean a person must suffer from boring outfits. There are easy ways to add a dash of color to any look and do so successfully.

 Try the following tips today to see how they transform an outfit. Once you see how easy it is, you will definitely want to add different shades to your wardrobe to give you a whole new look.

 Oversized Earrings

 8 Ways You Can Spice Up Your Look by Adding a Splash of Color

Nothing draws attention to a person’s face like oversized earrings. They draw the eye and the viewer notices more about the individual. This is a great way to add a splash of color to any outfit. When choosing these earrings, there is no need to go with a pair in a single shade.

 Rainbow jewelry allows the user to wear the earrings with different outfits with ease. Consider this option when shopping for new jewelry for the ears. What makes this style so versatile is the wearer may then pick any color of the rainbow for other accessories she will wear with the outfit and they won’t look out of place.

 Be sure to wear a hairstyle that pulls the locks away from the face to get the most impact from the earrings. They should never be hidden.

 Bold Colored Bottoms

 Who says neutrals are the only appropriate colors for the workplace? Choose a skirt or a pair of pants in a bright color and wear them to the office or out to meet with clients. As the bold color isn’t close to the wearer’s face, it won’t distract others speaking to the individual. However, it adds some flair to the outfit.

 Fortunately, with a few accessory changes, the same outfit can then be worn out to dinner or to the theater. There is no need to change when the right items are selected for a busy day. Women often opt for a sparkly belt or a statement necklace to take this piece from day to night. Nevertheless, every female should try multiple accessories to achieve the look she desires.

 Bedazzle the Nails

 Ladies rarely think of a manicure as an accessory, but it truly is important to one’s overall look. Don’t settle for pale colors on the nails. Choose a bright shade and really liven up your look. As nail polish is inexpensive, a woman can update her nails multiple times a week and not spend a fortune to do so. There is no need to wear the same shade on the fingers and toes either. Choose different shades that work well together and update as often as preferred.

 Bright Bags

 A bright bag is a perfect addition to an all-neutral outfit. Fortunately, updating the bag every season doesn’t cost a fortune, and a woman may find she can use it for several years in a row when a classic style is selected.

 Try to find a structured bag that has refined hardware, as this helps to add polish to the entire outfit along with some pizzazz. In fact, women may wish to purchase two bags and alternate them for a fresh look every day.

 Colorful Shoes

 Don’t hesitate to dress up an outfit with the help of bold shoes. Grab a pair of sandals for a night out on the two or go for a run in shoes that truly stand out on the track. However, when wearing open-toe shoes, splurge on a pedicure.

 Feet that haven’t been groomed detract from the overall look and people will notice when bold shoes are worn. They draw attention to this area of the body so make sure it looks its best.

 A Unique Watch

 Who said a timepiece has to be boring? Change up any outfit by adding a brightly colored watch. Fortunately, an accessory of this type works in both the office and for a night out on the town. It’s all in what the watch is paired with.

  For a conservative workplace, the watch may be enough to complete the outfit. However, when out with friends, pair the timepiece with a series of bangles. Be sure the hardware on the watch and the bangles coordinate for the right look.

 Denim Goes With Everything

 One reason a person may be hesitant to add color to the wardrobe is she feels she is incapable of choosing which colors work well together. This is where denim becomes of great help. Regardless of what top is selected and in what shade, the outfit will work when this top is paired with denim jeans.

 The ideas are endless when it comes to which top to wear, as there are so many choices today thanks to the internet. A woman is no longer restricted to what she can find in local clothing stores. Find a few shades that seem to complement the skin tone and hair color and try them with jeans. You might find you have a new outfit you love and cannot wait to show to others.

 Wear a Colorful Dress

 If mixing and matching colors sound terrifying, choose a dress that has multiple shades in it. This provides the color that is often needed in an outfit and the wearer doesn’t need to be concerned that the shades go well together. Pay attention to the color combinations in these outfits and try to replicate them on the days when neutral shades are worn. Add one or two of these colors to the neutral outfit to spice it up and feel confident when doing so as you already know the shades complement each other.

 Start small and slowly add more color to the wardrobe. This ensures you feel comfortable doing so and allows you to experiment with different styles. Once you see how a small dash of color can truly transform an outfit, you’ll want to find new ways to incorporate it into your daily clothing choices. It does make a difference and in a positive way.



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