The 7 Styles Of Bra You Need

The 7 Styles Of Bra You Need

Having the right bra for the right occasion can be important for maximizing comfort and looking your best. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful styles of bra for unique situations. This post delves into 7 styles of bra that almost every woman can benefit from owning. 

The everyday bra

This is the type of bra many of us wear on a regular basis. Such bras are typically made primarily of cotton and are underwired to provide support. When choosing an everyday bra, it’s often worth spending your time finding a bra that is the perfect fit. Sometimes it’s worth investing a little extra money into something that is durable – cheap bras can sometimes fall apart after several washes, while a more premium bra may last a lot longer. 

The strapless bra

Strapless bras do not have straps over the shoulders, but are instead held in place solely by a backband. They are ideal for pairing with off-shoulder and one-shoulder tops and dresses where you don’t want your bra straps to be visible. Larger busted women may find strapless bras continuously slip and not worthwhile. That said, it can really depend on how firm the backband is as to how well they stay in place.

The push-up bra

Push-up bras contain extra padding for when you want to give your boobs a lift. Those with smaller busts are most likely to appreciate the added volume, although they can also help to push up larger saggier breasts. For special occasions, they can be a great choice. Some women go so far as to wear them every day, although there are mixed opinions as to whether this is healthy. 

The convertible bra

Convertible bras have straps that can be adjusted and worn in different ways. This makes them ideal for wearing with different tops and dresses. You’ll find convertible bras designed for everyday use and more luxurious options as included in this line of luxury lingerie by Natori

The sports bra

When exercising or playing sports, it’s good to wear a sports bra. These bras offer added support to prevent movement during exercise, while also offering added breathability. A good sports bra should be snug but not too tight that it restricts breathing. As with regular bras, paying a bit extra will usually get you something more durable that will survive frequent washes. 

The nude bra

Nude bras are designed to match your skin’s natural tone. When wearing dresses made of thin fabrics or white shirts, such bras won’t show through (unlike regular colored bras). For the best results, look for brands that offer a variety of nude skin tones so that you can find the closest skin tone to yours. 

The bralette

Bralettes are looser than regular bras and are wireless to maximize comfort. They are ideal for lounging around. Some are closer to crop tops in design and can even be worn on their own as tops. Bralettes generally aren’t suitable for formal occasions, but are otherwise pretty versatile. This guide at Real Simple offers a few more tips on how to wear a bralette. 

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