Why Your Critical Electrical Assets Deserve Regular Maintenance

Why Your Critical Electrical Assets Deserve Regular Maintenance

Why Your Critical Electrical Assets Deserve Regular Maintenance

For a long time, power distribution and transmission companies have overlooked proactive maintenance, which has resulted in expensive repairs, unexpected outages and high labor costs for many providers. Fortunately, utility companies are now increasingly acknowledging that scheduled downtime is any day better than unexpected equipment failure. Many have chosen to switch to proactive maintenance so that problems can be detected in time and breakdowns can be avoided.

If your utility company has not yet been able to make the switch, here are eight reasons you should consider investing in a preventive maintenance program for your key electrical assets.

Benefits of implementing an ongoing electrical asset maintenance program

  • Periodic cleaning and coating protect T&D (transmission and distribution) structures from corrosion and flashovers which can lead to costly outages. Frequent outages affect a utility company’s revenues as well as its reputation. This can, in turn, lead to lost customers and a dip in profitability.
  • Transformers are a critical part of the modern power distribution system. They are designed to be used for several decades and constitute a large portion of a power company’s capital expenditure. Regular transformer maintenance is not a choice but an obligation, as poor upkeep leads to corrosion and deposition of contaminants on the structure, which can cause unexpected breakdowns. 
  • Most large transformers in use today were manufactured decades ago and require ongoing maintenance to stay useful. While a transformer’s chassis is designed to survive the onslaught of environmental factors, regular transformer painting is essential to protect the external coating from contamination, which can deplete the structure’s integrity over time.
  • Substation cleaning and painting not only protects the main equipment but has a cascading effect on the condition of other supporting equipment and components that are equally prone to decomposition. The thorough industrial coating protects steel structures against exposure.
  • Bill Johnson from www.utilityservice.net/says that cleaning power lines and repainting power line towers is a key part in keeping our power running. In addition, high voltage insulator cleaning keeps contamination in check and averts mechanical failure.
  • As a preventive maintenance program involves regular Inspection, cleaning, and painting of substation equipment, it helps prevent premature disposal of usable equipment that could have lasted several more years.
  • Signing up for an annual maintenance program is a cost-effective way to keep your critical assets in top shape without having to call for maintenance or repair work several times a year. It enables timely cleaning, resurfacing and painting before the old coating starts to show signs of distress.
  • Lastly, systematic substation maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your electrical assets, especially those that cost a fortune to repair or replace. Implementing an aggressive preventive maintenance policy will ensure any damage is nipped in the bud.

Both individual and commercial customers demand a consistent and uninterrupted supply of electricity. Unplanned power outages not only cause inconvenience, but they also have a big impact on the local economy. A well-planned maintenance plan is a cost-effective way to ensure a reliable power supply and minimize your repair and replacement costs.


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