9 Tips For Recovering From A Truck Accident

9 Tips For Recovering From A Truck Accident

Getting caught in a truck accident can be a life-changing event, leaving victims physically and emotionally scarred. It’s estimated that 388,000 truck accidents occur in America each year, accounting for 6.5% of all vehicle-related crashes.

When embarking on the road to recovery after being in a truck accident, you should take the necessary steps to heal and rebuild your life. Navigate the road to self-healing and regain control of your life by following these simple suggestions:

1. Contact law enforcement

After collecting your wits and realizing what just happened, ensure others in the vehicle are safe too. Call an ambulance even if your or someone else’s injuries seem minor, as some symptoms manifest later. Contact law enforcement agencies and wait for the cops to arrive at the crash site. After the cops have taken control of the scene, ensure an official accident report is filed. You will need this report for legal proceedings and insurance claims. So, do cooperate with the officers of the law.

2. Consult a lawyer

Dealing with the aftermaths of a truck accident can be overwhelming for laypeople who do not have any prior know-how about personal injury law. A skilled attorney, however, is well-versed in handling such complicated cases. For this reason, you should contact a reliable truck accident law firm and work with an attorney to handle your lawsuit.

A lawyer will help you gather evidence, talk to witnesses, negotiate with the insurance people, determine the guilty party’s liability, and win you a deserving compensation for your suffering. Truck accident attorneys guide you through the legal process and protect your rights.

3. Make sure you’re fine

Tend to your injuries and visit a doctor immediately, even if your injuries seem minor. You will want to ensure no internal injuries were sustained. Seeing a doctor will ensure a minor injury doesn’t become worse. As trucks weigh 20 times more than an average car, crashing into one can be quite dangerous.

Data suggests that 28% of trucking accident victims sustain injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation after a major accident can be quite costly. Get plenty of rest to heal as fast as possible. Resting lets your body conserve energy and focus only on healing. Moreover, when you’re resting, you prevent your injuries from worsening.

4. Gather relevant information

Talk to witnesses in the vicinity, take photographic evidence, and collect the truck driver’s information if they are willing to talk to you. If they are not, your lawyer can help you in this situation. Anyhow, here is what you should document about your accident:

  • The driver’s contact information
  • The driver’s employer’s information
  • The license plate of the truck in question
  • The driver’s insurance company’s information
  • Info regarding your injuries and the damages to your vehicle

5. Preserve crucial evidence 

Due to their sheer height and weight, truck accidents aren’t just messier than normal accidents but also leave a larger trail of evidence behind. Statistics show that the occupants of passenger cars are 6 to 10 times more likely to suffer injuries than the ones in the truck.

So, you must start gathering evidence the moment you’re conscious again and ascertain the well-being of your co-passengers. Keep records of all medical treatments, expenses, and property damage. It will help you make up a strong case against the guilty party.

6. Get physical therapy

Many people suffer from whiplash, concussion, and broken bones after surviving a truck accident. Physical therapy will help you regain your health and easily restore mobility. That’s why you need to start PT as soon as possible, preferably just a few days after being in the crash.

The extent of your injuries will determine how much time you’ll spend in PT. If you have soft tissue injuries, 6 to 8 months seem enough. However, major injuries require months of treatment under qualified physical therapists’ supervision. So, book your appointment ASAP now.

7. Notify the insurance people

Inform your insurance provider about the accident and provide them with all necessary details. But you need to be cautious when speaking with the insurance folks because they’ll try to use your words against you and find you liable for the accident. That’s why you should:

  • Never admit fault when speaking to the insurance people
  • Don’t post anything on social media that may indicate you’re liable
  • Be cautious when speaking to them; it’s better to let lawyers handle negotiate

8. Seek emotional support

Due to their size, commercial trucks make some of the most dangerous vehicles to crash into when driving on a highway. These accidents can scar victims for a long time in the form of PTSD. You should seek emotional support from your family and friends after surviving a trucking accident and accelerate the mental healing process.

Talk to therapists and counselors for some professional assistance. The flashbacks of your terrifying experience may result in constant nightmares and lingering uneasiness. However, getting emotional support from your loved ones will help you overcome these haunting memories.

9. Wait for your body to heal

Slowly start to perform low-level exercises and stretching. Stretching makes your muscles stronger and sturdier; you can regain your mobility by doing light exercises under the supervision of an expert.

Besides your PT, these experts can come in the form of kinesiologists. Supplement your body’s healing journey by eating nutritious meals and drinking plenty of fluids.


If you were injured in a truck accident, follow the guidelines mentioned above to seek compensation and recover from your wounds. Understand your legal rights while letting your body heal completely. Remember that truck wrecks are a unique case, so you should work with truck accident lawyers to pursue justice. While lawyers gather evidence and deal with the insurance guys, you need physical therapy, seek emotional support from your loved ones, and give yourself enough time to overcome your trauma.

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