Revealed! Top locations where you’re likely to have a slip and fall accident

Revealed! Top locations where you’re likely to have a slip and fall accident

Slipping, tripping and falling aren’t things we usually concern ourselves with, unless we end up flat on our backs in public. These kinds of accidents usually happen when property owners have neglected their jobs and left dangerous hazards around. These kinds of accidents are often avoidable, as long as those in charge, take their roles seriously. 

Slips, trips and falls aren’t just embarrassing, they can be incredibly debilitating. A slipped disc, a broken arm or leg, even head trauma and brain injuries. These kinds of injuries can have a devastating impact on the rest of your life – you can speak to a slip and fall injury lawyer in Lafayette if you’ve been hurt in a public place and it could have been avoided. So, it’s important to understand and recognize where these incidents are most likely to take place.

Read on for the top locations where you’re likely to have a slip and fall accident.

In parking lots

When it comes to neglected public places, parking lots are usually pretty high up the list. The problem is when unsuspecting people like you and I innocently walk along the poorly maintained asphalt, we could be putting our health at risk. Huge potholes, cracks, glass, debris and even poor lighting can make parking lots incredibly dangerous places. 


Whether you’re in a parking lot and heading to your vehicle, you’re in the office and moving between floors or you’re staying at a hotel and walking to the lobby, the stairs should always be a safe and healthy option to take. 

Sadly, when stairs aren’t properly maintained, they can become worn, hazard tape can fade, handrails can be wobbly, carpet can become frayed and loose and bad lighting means the stairs could be a real health hazard. Falling down the stairs could be potentially life-changing and even fatal. 

The grocery store

There’s no harm in shopping for groceries, right? In reality, a poorly maintained grocery store can be treacherous, especially for unsuspecting shoppers who are minding their own business. Slips usually occur when spillages haven’t been cleaned up or dealt with quickly enough. Spillages from products, defrosting items and even a rogue grape on the floor could send you flying. 

So, unfortunately, if you or your loved ones get injured in a slip and fall while shopping in a grocery store, the victim should know that they are eligible for legal compensation. For more information, follow this URL here and get answers to all your questions. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can emerge from this sad situation financially unscathed, if not physically.

You could also encounter trip hazards at the grocery store, such as produce that hasn’t been put away properly, boxes, even cables and electrical wiring across the aisles. Nightmare!

On the sidewalk

Walking along the sidewalk shouldn’t mean putting your health at risk. Poorly maintained sidewalks can mean even walking between stores or taking your kids to school is treacherous. Cracks in concrete, uneven paving stones, even sidewalks that haven’t been properly de-iced in winter could mean a potential slip and fall accident and severe injuries.

And finally, restaurants

We all enjoy a meal with friends or a romantic dinner with someone special. But these happy moments can quickly turn deadly, when wet floors aren’t properly marked and patrons are slipping on dangerous wet floors or tripping over torn carpet, falling down poorly maintained stairs and hurting themselves! 

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